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As you can plainly see, we have tested and received customer feedback on A LOT of Real Estate Programs. Obviously, if a "guru" is spending big bucks advertising then you should know that they are going to hit you up for a lot more than they initially tell you. We have found a couple of the inexpensive programs that are VERY good. To see the best Real Estate Investing Courses simply Click Here


Carleton Sheets

John Alexander

John Beck


Ron Legrand

Russ Whitney

Robert Shemin

Robert A. Blair

Ralph Wilson

Dolf de Roos

Mark Weiss

Barney Zick

Michael Martin

John Behle/Paper Game

Real Estate - Spain

Seth Godin

Marshall A. Reddick

Ted Thomas

Claude Diamond

Ted Hansson

Dwan Bent Twyford

John T. Reed

Lonnie Scruggs

Joe Land

Joe Kaiser

Jim Straw

Jack Miller

Ernie Kessler

Dan Lee Demke

Ed Beckley

Jim Daniels

Joe Robson

John Adams

John Burley

Kevin Myers

Lonnie Scruggs

Marshall A. Reddick

Michael Martin

Tyler Hicks