SMC used to be a good program, now you'll see if it works NOW?

SMC with it's little trinkets that were good to sell to friends, at garage sales, and at flee markets was a decent home business YEARS ago.

Using Tom Bosley from Happy Days was genius, but these days, since SMC tried to take it online, it's simply not what it used to be.

They have become somewhat like many things that try to sell you a bunch of unnecessary things and keep charging you monthly.

SMC will charge WAY to much for a replicated website that, unless you do Pay-Per-Click and spend a lot of money, NOBODY will see. Except of course, people you simply tell about it and that defeats the purpose.

They also sell you "coaching" that is supposed to help you succeed and SMC is serious about how MUCH they want to charge you.

You can easily find stuff like SMC offers on Ebay, all over the place, and that is where people look. You'll find yourself cutting prices to try and get business from other people selling this same stuff.

In reality, you will learn next to nothing about online marketing from SMC and can end up spending a lot of money.

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Share your experience with SMC or any other?