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Eventis ™ is another of the companies combining direct sales with educational products to form a networking opportunity.

Some of the other "2 up" programs include Liberty League, Emerald Passport, Advantage Conferences, and Mentors in Motion just to name a few. There are some differences in these programs, but they are very similar in several respects.

Eventis ™ focuses on Wealth Accumulation and Protection through a specific means, Real Estate, while most of the other programs have a wide array of personal development topics that are covered.

The claim is that this is not MLM and that is partially true, but there are very definite similarities. To be considered MLM, there has to be a funneling up of money through a downline that you have created. The money paid out diminishes as you get higher into the pay structure.

With Eventis ™, when one sale is made only one person gets paid, the director above you, that is why this is considered Direct Sales rather than MLM. This is the person who helps you make your "qualifying" sales and utilizes the MLM concept of a sponsor who guides and helps you. This personalized help is the justification for the large expenditure to become involved.

This program requires that 5 sales be made before you become "Qualified" to actually make any money. The other programs typically require 2, hence the description "2 up." The actual number of personal sales that you have to make with Eventis is a function of the level you enter the program.

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Beginning at the $1495 level, you are required to make 2 personal sales for which the director above you makes $2000, but you need 0 personal sales if you enter at the $10000+ level. Your initial purchase counts as one and you are assisted with the other 4 by "company wide" sales. The higher the level you enter, the more the "company wide" sales assist you in gaining the 5 qualifiers.

This is a different structure than most of these programs, but you have to either pass up your first two, which are possibly your best two prospects or pay in a lot more money.

The idea is that you are not trying to sell prospects and you don't want to go into a description of the products on the initial contact, but you will have to contact many poeple. I have been approached by several of these programs and the people were very persistent, calling me numerous times and emailing me intensely.

As with any program MLM or not, finding and contacting an endless stream of interested parties is the key and this takes work, dedication, and persistence. There are also other costs associated with finding prospects, whether it's buying leads or getting involved in a co-op and you will definitely need an unlimited long distance phone plan!

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