Russ Dalbey

I ordered the Russ Dalbey deal online after having heard the infomercials over a dozen times. Could it really be as simple as Russ Dalbey says?

I’d barely ordered the program when I started getting calls from the Russ Dalbey organization. I was told that I could upgrade and have mentoring for just a few THOUSAND DOLLARS. What? “Let me at least check out the course first.”

It didn’t take long after I got the course for me to see why I was offered the coaching. Way too much information.

Not a problem though, the calls started again, and I could buy all the help I needed. But—oops! My supposed to be coach let it slip out that he had never even done a note deal before!

This guy only wanted $2,900, it was the next guy that wanted $8,000. This was not a requirement, but was “strongly recommended” for my success.

Maybe you could succeed with Russ Dalbey without coaching and upgrades, but probably you would need a lot of help from someone who knew what they were doing—if there WAS someone like that.

The choice seemed clear. I could give Russ Dalbey a lot more money and chase phantom Cash flow notes or not. I chose NOT. If these callers were “Note Experts,” they were Pretty good at High Pressure Sales too!

The e-mails keep coming to me from people who did choose to spend the thousands, but did not succeed. There may be some success stories with Russ Dalbey out there. If so, I would like to hear some or just ONE would be nice for starters.

Whatever YOUR final choice may be, just know this. Russ Dalbey will get a whole lot of help from you because HE is definitely Winning in the Cash Flow Business!

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