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Dave Espino promises to make your wildest dreams come true. Now you will discover if that is ACTUALLY true!

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Dave Espino and his Auctions program "appears" to be an excellent guide for tapping into the enormous Ebay Market Place and for $39.95 how can you go wrong? Now you will discover the incredible truth. You owe it to yourself to read this whole page and get the WHOLE TRUTH!

Since all I do is check out various Business Opportunities, I had to check it out, I mean if he is spending this much on commercials it must be great, right?

Well, I picked up the phone and ordered the materials and it did arrive in a timely fashion. I jumped right in and started to study the materials to find these "amazing" secrets.

The more I researched, the more I realized that something did not seem quite kosher. All the pieces didn't seem to fit and the further I went the more I realized that I couldn't succeed with this material.

Dave Espino either didn't really know how to do this or he was purposely leaving a lot out.

Auctions for Income ™ didn't tell me anything that I had not already seen free from Ebay. This focused a lot of time on ways to find "over-looked" items at garage sales, swap meets and Flee Markets. All of which would take A LOT of time and is "hit or miss" at best.

The information about Drop Shipping is so prevalent and there are a gazillion ways to find all that out!

I soon discovered why the INITIAL material seemed so elementary and fragmented, it was apparently designed that way on purpose. It wasn't me, the information WAS designed that way and a salesman from Dave Espino's office admitted that, when he called wanting to "help" me!

The purpose of the call was to see if I was "qualified" to be part of a "special" Auctions for Income ™ program. The salesman/coach promised to make me an Ebay Stud, but there was only one catch.

He explained that there would be additional LARGE expenditures, I mean after all, I am investing in my future, but that is not all...

I have gotten information from A Lot of people who actually did did "qualify" for this assistance (you got $, you qualify) and not one of them told me they made ANY money. On the contrary, they wanted their money back.

They got the initial purchase price back, but were informed that the small print explained that anything beyond that was Non-Refundable!

In talking to several people who used to do very well on Ebay I was told that making a living or even a supplemental Income has become much more difficult.

Because of ALL the "experts" selling old and outdated information and all the Drop Shipping companies offering "simple and easy" get-rich-quick Ebay advice, it is now WAY over saturated.

I do believe that you can make money on Ebay, but not ANYWHERE as much as you once could, it's really not worth your time. Desperate people drop their prices cutting so far into the profit margin that it becomes an exercise in futility to try and make a living from it.

Recently a young couple called me and they were considering a $5200 investment with Dave Espino, but finally came out of the fog and did not do it.

Now if you have some VERY rare items or just want to sell something that is lying around the house, great, but there are much better ways to make money on the internet.

To sum it all up, Dave Espino 's Auctions for Income ™ is a supped up, slick marketed bunch of information that you can basically get for free on Ebay It's not a REAL internet business and certaily NOT worth thousands. You can succeed online for a fraction of a fraction of what they want!

I have tried and tested Hundreds of opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income and it's 100% FREE. To see it Click Here!

Share Your Experience with Dave Espino?