Wealthy Affiliate TRUTH

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Wealthy affiliate is obviously what you're  online looking for information about and I have a lot of experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

I'm going to give you the real truth about what you can expect with Wealthy Affiliate and what it really gives you for making money online and I'm going to show you how you can become a wealthy affiliate starting for FREE, not a 7-Day free trial, but FREE.

My name is Martin Wilson and thru my blogs, videos and websites, for 17 years,  I've been informing the public about various opportunities and you may be on this website right now called home based business reviews, I started this website back in 2004 and as you can see there's all kinds of reviews on this website, 1500 to be exact.

And so I'm highly qualified to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and what they're going to be expecting you to do. Inside  they do have a nice little portal here and provide you with training, some decent training for the free membership, but obviously they want you to upgrade to the $49.

They're giving you the first month for $19 and then after that it's $49 per month and let me share with you that you are going to have to do a tremendous amount of work, to be able to do much of anything with affiliate marketing, now I'll agree that serious effort that needs to be put forth with this, but it's going to be VERY time consuming  until you make money if you make any money with wealthy affiliate.

Out of Hundreds I have tried and tested, ONLY ONE continues to provides a Rock Solid Income and it is FREE. To see it  Click Here

Because basically they do give you a lot of training on various things that you can do videos blogging that type of thing but their main thrust of how they suggest that you make money is by creating a review website, they provide you a blogging platform for you to create your own review website.

Basically,  go out and find other opportunities that are available out there and unfortunately pretty much bash them and then of course tout on wealthy affiliate, You know that you don't necessarily have to bash them but that seems to be the modus operandi of almost all the people in wealthy affiliate.

Review site is a great idea obviously I started 17 years ago so I know that concept really works and at time I sold a $692 programs that basically taught the exact same thing that wealthy affiliate teaches and the same thing they've been teaching for 15 years. Amazingly enough Kyle and Carson who started wealthy affiliate bought my internet marketing course and they pretty much did what I suggested they do and then they decided to put together wealthy affiliate behind it. Now I'm not saying I'm the reason for wealthy affiliate, but they did buy my course 15 years ago.

Out of Hundreds I have tried and tested, ONLY ONE continues to provides a Rock Solid Income and it is FREE. To see it  Click Here

Now the problem with you making money with putting up review website... number one is that it is going to take you a long time. Because there idea is they want you to get into the natural rankings of Google for the different programs that you might review, of course, that's a fantastic way to get traffic but herein lies the problem.

Everyone is going to be a lot of search engine optimization for you to be able to get on this front page of Google people only look at the front page and there are limited spots on the front page for ranking for different programs and I can guarantee you that most of these reviews ClickBank University review 2020 is a Wealthy Affiliate somebody offering wealthy affiliate.

Herein lies the problem there's a finite number of programs out there for you to review, granted more coming out everyday, but they have to be one  that somebody would actually searched for on Google. People doing wealthy affiliate for a long time are on top of the ones that are coming out, have already established their  website, t the point of what I'm telling you is yes it can be done and it is a good business plan.

But there's a lot of competition and it will be a lot of work a lot of content Creation and quite a long time for you to rank in these natural ranking of Google. Is it worth doing? of course it's worth doing, but it is a long-term strategy. Look up another popular marketing opportunities that's out there and look at the reviews of it and you will see already a bunch of websites out here reviewing, once again I can guarantee you several of these websites are going to be wealthy affiliate affiliates who are talking about the program ,probably not very glowing terms, and trying to convince you to do wealthy affiliate and so the problem is yes, you can go out and do it and you can create review sites and you can review these opportunities , but you've already got so much competition of people have been doing it so long.

Out of Hundreds I have tried and tested, ONLY ONE continues to provides a Rock Solid Income and it is FREE. To see it  Click Here

Tough proposition to get your review of your large existing programs for cuz they're already out there and Google only has limited spots. of which I can write in these people ready in those thoughts so you don't really try to discourage you from doing it is a good long-term plan on getting traffic.

I can certainly tell you probably better than anyone in the world how much effort and time it takes to write these reviews and get them right as you can see the website you just saw, home-based business reviews.com ranks number one on Google for the term home business reviews as well as home based business reviews ranks number one out of 5,400,000,000 possible results. This is the website you are on now!

And so I have been doing this full-time 100% for 17 years and I know exactly what it takes to get ranked in Google for very popular terms that are going to get you a lot of traffic and that is what wealthy affiliate is predominantly teaches It is a great strategy and has done very very well for me, it's taken A LOT of work!

8 to 12 hour days of blood, sweat, and tears to go get a review site where you want it to be, unless you have a bunch of money on top of the fees for wealthy affiliate and a lot of time to spend a lot of money to get yourself ranked quicker and most people don't have that type of money or time and so time is what it's going to take... a long time.

Looking to make money quickly and for the long-term there are certainly better Alternatives than wealthy affiliate. should you do it and start a review website? sure why not, you can be doing that in the background and if you get ranked in Google you are going to do very well and you are going to get some good traffic and you are going to make money.

What I was suggesting to you is that rather than money going in and actually just buying yourself a big job to go in there and start creating a review website. certainly do that along the way, but you're probably looking for a way to make money now, free or very inexpensive traffic, to get people to what you have to offer, right now, and start making money right now like today and be paid today , get 'now' money and develop residual income that will grow and grow and grow.

Out of Hundreds I have tried and tested, ONLY ONE continues to provides a Rock Solid Income and it is FREE. To see it  Click Here

You know if you ever get to the point where with wealthy affiliate you've Got A ranking review site, well all the better, but I will show you how you can for zero-cost have online success starting very quickly, you can start today make money today, and get paid today that you can continue to watch grow

If you get involved with wealthy affiliate and your  plan is to work and work and work and work and work for months or years to get to compete with me and all of the other wealthy affiliate people out there.

Trust me when you start having some success and make  some money online it really motivate you to really get out there and do something, you see you've got to consider your mental health and well-being, so you want to start having success right away. If you're on this website right now all you need to do is Click Right Here  and as you can see "put your wallet away it's 100% free to join", now I understand that wealthy affiliate says the same thing. These guys on these websites bash all these other programs and say hey it's free to join, but it's not free to join It's free for 7 days and they want $19 and then they want $49 a month And if you're not making money, $49 a month  may not seem like much but $49 is $49 and you going to have to pay that. 

I will show you in this program how you can start for free, start making money today and be paid very very quickly and it literally is 100% free to join and make money.

A lot of programs,  say "hey it's free to join" and then you get in and they say "Hey, its' free to watch the video but you have to pay us $49 or $50 or $100 or whatever to have any chance of making any money. This you do not.

You can start making money and it cost you nothing, literally make money with this website for no cost. Literally does payout payments daily  multiple  payments per day.No MLM and network marketing, no selling, is no chasing friends and family there's no huge learning curve. It is just something you need to check out, so there are no catches and no gotchas come inside  and check it out.

You know if you don't want to do it you don't do it,  you'll see this is a very clever thing set up by very experienced marketers who have in mind exactly what it is you need to get going and start making money quickly.

I hope that this helped you in determining whether or not you want to do wealthy affiliate. I'm certainly not bashing it, these guys are doing what I taught 15 years ago so obviously I think it works, but  I know the realities of it and you know,

I traded my life for THIS website, to have an Internet Property that is this popular and this successful and it was a lot of work. I'm very glad I did it, but man, you better be prepared to spend a ton of time. On the other hand, this website shows you something to get you going quickly that won't cost you anything and teach you a lot about Marketing Online.

And if you decide you don't want to do the program, just get all the training, you'll be like years ahead of most people out there knowing how this really works 

So again, my name is Martin Wilson, I hope this really helped you as to whether you want to do wealthy affiliate but you know I'll say no matter what you do, go check out easily marketable program, highly in demand. Just ask yourself this question: With all these people out of work and the economy the way that it is what do you think's going to be easier to do, a program that costs people absolutely nothing to do,  does not require learning curve or you to do a bunch of work, you can use very inexpensive and free traffic, in this is very successful with that kind of traffic and how many people out there are looking for something that does not cost?

Well I think you probably know the answer to that question. I hope this helps you with wealthy affiliate go check out this free program and I'll talk to you.