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Whenever there is a talk of discounted paper or the Paper game, the name of John Behle is definitely mentioned. He is THE educator in this field. He has been working in this field for over 20 years and has extensive experience and knowledge. He is listed in Who's Who In Creative Real Estate.

He has authored hundreds of articles in this field and his books are read as virtual encyclopedia by the practicing realtors. John holds a National Council of Exchangers "Gold Card". He originated the idea of a 5 day seminar on “the paper game” giving all the areas of paper.

The areas are

1. Terms – Terms of payment and details of increasing payment known as balloon payment 2. Content – What the paper should contain and what it should not contain 3. Structure of paper – Whether the whole amount should be made in one paper or more than one paper 4. Future uses of paper – How the seller is going to use this paper? Is he going to use this paper for increasing his net worth or is he going to use this as a collateral? 5. Form - Forms of paper to be used in various states. 6. Negotiations - Negotiations to be done by the seller.

Once all these areas are covered, the trainees are ready to go out in the world, and try this and get the advantage of the training in terms of money.

”I have John Behle's "The Paper Game" and it is without a doubt the best course on creating paper and investing in discounted mortgages I've ever seen. If you want to get PhD in "paper" then you need to study this course. You'll know more than 99% of the mortgage brokers and note brokers in the business after studying this course.”

John Behle’s information can be invaluable if you want to go into this.

There is however, much competition in this field. It constitutes long hours and dedication. This is typically not a source of quick money and you will need considerable monies to effectively play the “paper game.”

The "paper" business is far from easy, personally I was looking to get into Real Estate, but all the "gurus" were asking for thousands up front. I did not want to get burned again and then I came across the real deal, a program that told me the secrets from the very beginning and at a fraction of the price the others wanted. You can continue to search and believe the hype, but this one really works! To see for yourself Click Here!

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