Your Reign In Spain

A holiday in Spain! Just the mention of it brings to mind the feelings of contentment. Indulge yourself, take a deep breath and let your thoughts float back to the relaxing sound of waves crashing onto the pristene beaches. Feel the silky breeze caress your skin, as you bask in the glow of the mediterrainian sun and the tension just melts away. Recall the peace and sense of purpose you felt as you gazed upon the mountain vistas and the beautiful sunsets. The rich warm luxurious nights, the music and the people, so happy to be alive and experiencing the moment.

Surely, this is the way life is supposed to be everyday!

It may seem like a mere dream that your life could be this fulfilling and wonderful all the time. If only plans had been made...there was more time...someday would come...Maybe, things could be different!

All to often, people let what they want be determined by circumstances that they PERCEIVE to be beyond their control. The fear of the unknown prevents most from actually attaining what they desire out of life. Granted, picking up and moving to Spain may seem far-fetched and unrealistic, with far too many uncertainies. These are exactly the feelings that we had to come to grips with also, if we really wanted to make this happen!

The only intellegent thing to do was to FIND OUT what we needed to know and the sooner, the better! Learning as much as possible about what challenges we might face in moving to Spain, BEFORE actually facing them! This was a lot easier said than done, but we attempted to enlighten ourselves on every topic that we perceived to be relevant.

The problem was that we were uncertain, to a large degree, what was relevant! Oh sure, we knew we needed food, a place to live, transport, and a manner of means, but in a different country! All the little day-to-day things that we take for granted had to be very different. We would have given almost anything for something that would have helped us with all the details or even told us what they were!

You see, we were determined to make living the Spanish lifestyle our reality and to let nothing stand in our way! Even unaware of what all our obstacles might be, we resolved to seize the opportunity and overcome them all. If only someone or something could guide us down the path of least resistance!

We searched for such a thing, but it did not exist, so we proceeded with caution! It was not definitely not as easy as you will have it, to say the least. A few times that we questioned our decision, but we persevered and it all worked out. Now, everyday, we live our dream!

It was all SO worth it! The gratitude we feel and our belief that everyone can be so fortunate has motivated us to help you do it too! But for you it will be the easy, stress free, and no hassle way. You don't have to find out what you MUST know the hard way, we've already done that for you!

We have no motive other than wanting to share what you REALLY need to know about moving to and living in Spain. It has turned out great for us and now, you can save yourself the pain of losing Euros and countless hours making the same mistakes we experienced.

We are not in the Real Estate Business nor do we work for Attonrneys, Developers or anyone else associated with Real Estate business. We simply made our dream a reality and want to help others do the same. We will show you EVERYTHING you should know about living in Spain, like NO ONE else will! No sugar coated sales talk, but the straight truth and insider secrets about:

* Selling or Leasing your current residence.

* Moving dirt cheap.

* Finding the RIGHT place to live.

* Buying or Leasing?(Avoid the many snares and traps)

* Earning a GREAT living from Home.

* Taxes

* Insurance

* HealthCare and


You CAN do this and we will make it simple for you. There will be no surprises and without a doubt, it will be the best decision you ever made. Consider this:

· Will you honestly be where you really want to be if you don't take action?

· Will you honestly be any closer to true happiness?

· Will you be manifesting your dreams?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then your ship has arrived and it is time for you to have YOUR day in the sun!

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