Seth Godin

Seth Godin founded Yoyodyne and he was CEO of that firm for until it was taken over by Yahoo! in 1998. It was an interactive direct marketing company. He has written seven books most of which have been on the bestseller for a long time. His first book Permission Marketing was on for over a year in the 100 ‘best seller” list. It was also the Best Fortune, Best Business Book and was on Business Week and Times, Business best seller list.

His second eBook “Ideavirus” also became best seller in quick time and sold more than one million in digital editions. It is also featured in best seller list of USA Today, The New York Times, The Industry Standard and Wired Online. “Ideavirus” was #4 on the Amazon Japan bestseller list, and #5 in the USA.

His other books are The Big Red Fez, Survival is Not Enough, Purple Cow, Free Prize Inside, All Marketers Are Liars, the last being the latest of his books.Seth is also a good speaker and has lectured throughout USA and is adjudged as one of 21 best speakers of US.

Testimonials about Seth:

"Take Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Mark Twain. Combine their brains and shave their heads. What's left? Seth Godin."

Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing

And another one.

"Seth not only gets it, he gives it as well. Unleashing the Ideavirus is living, livid, vivid proof."Doc Searls, co-author, The Cluetrain Manifesto

This information can really get your mind working and give you some great ideas. However, there is not much practical “how to” that will make you money. To get motivated, this author is great, but you will also need help in making practical application to turn your ideas into reality and income.

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