Joe Land

Joe Land along with his wife Lynn are Florida’s biggest private landowner and one of the biggest real estate companies in Florida. If you wish to get an idea of the land holdings of Joe Land consider this. He has approximately 820,000 acres of low-basis land, in Northwest Florida – out of this 300,000 acres located within ten miles of the Gulf of Mexico .

If you want land for private retreats, ranches, golf course, land that runs till the land’s end, especially in Florida, this is your guy. Land development comes naturally to him since he has the biggest parcels of land.

For the last half a century or so, these lands were never offered to clients. This land can be developed to your taste, not matter if you want a home site, a river camp-site, or a ranch site, vacation house, a recreation place, or just a place to relax. The sites are available near forests, waterfront, sea front, golf courts, fresh water or sea water fishing sites etc. For developing your anything connected with land, you come to Joe Land.

All this of course would require lots of money. Joe Land has money available, through financial institutions. Of course, if you have money then you may not need financing, but you will definitely need to go to Joe Land.

Make sure to check out the legal disclaimer at Joe’s web site. The legal disclaimer has more words than the entire site.

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