Joe Kaiser

For the last 20 years or so, Joe Kaiser has been investing in real estate. He is an out and out a salesman, a real man on the go and he has written about his methods in real estate. Understand these principles and you might make money for yourself the way you never did!

The seven principles are:

1. Accept real estate as serious business. Real estate is not a side business, or a hobby you indulge in.

2. Do not be in a hurry. Because lots of dollars are involved, people are not in a hurry to invest. They would take their own time just as you would do if you were to spend lot of dollars. You are not going to make money in quick time.

3. If Joe Kaiser required money, You will require money to buy real estate. You may not have the money but some one has to have it. You have to have a line of credit if you do not have the money.

4. A simple deal is much better. “Buy low, sell high, and get paid” is the principle that works everywhere, in real estate, stock markets etc. This is also called "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" deal.

5. If you do not make money, it does not make sense. Do not control real estate. Do not own it. You might think that real estate will pay you some day, yes it will, but that is not a good strategy. GET PAID regularly.

6. A fast nickel is better than slow dime. Get your money turn it intp more money all the time. Just do not sit there. Go and make a nickel if you do not make a dime.

7. If you have bought real estate, try to sell it. Do not keep it for long time. Holding real estate is tough buying is easy. If you follow these seven rules, you are not likely to lose in real estate.

These are the basic principles that Joe Kaiser covers and re-covers in this material. Of the principles above, the main one, the one about MONEY or better still, having money is the one that needs to be addressed. If you have the cash, you can find a lot of good deals on A LOT of things!

Since this experience I have been REALLY motivated to research the Real Estate programs offered on Television and the internet. With new ones coming out everyday, this is no easy thing to do!

Other than Joe Kaiser there are a tremendous number of programs out there and fortunately we get a huge amount of feedback from people with actual experiences with these programs. This combined with our own research shows a very clear picture of what programs give successful results.

We have found that there are basically three categories that these programs fall into:

1. These entice you in with a very low up front cost ie. and then hit you up for A LOT more before you ever really get going. If you don't pay, they are done with you!

2. "Free Seminars" that Hype you up and come at you for thousands right out of the gate. Once they have you hooked, they continue to milk you for more with the promise of telling you the real "secrets!"

3. Reasonably priced programs offering good and useful information. We have found that these programs are typically put together by individuals who are actually actively participating and successful in the Real Estate Business, not just selling the program. There are no hidden fees or phone calls asking for thousands of dollars and you actually learn unique and creative ways to make money with Real Estate!

It is obvious which programs are the best. Those that under-promise and over-deliver as opposed to those who blow their own horn as loud as they can and end up doing nothing for you, but maxing out your credit cards. Of the dozens and dozens of programs on TV and the internet the following are the best of the low priced NO-Upsell Real Estate Programs: TypeAtHomeRealTable

Top Real Estate Programs

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Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 90 Days $50.00 4.5 90 Days $47.50
4 90 Days $97.00
3.5 90 Days $97.00
 5 0ut of 5  is far and away the Best of the reasonably priced No Upsell programs we have seen.  The Guarantee states that if you do not make at least $10,000 in your first Thirty Days that you will get your money back PLUS a check for $100. Now that is a Gurantee!  Of course, you need to apply the techniques, it is not magic, but it is so easy to do following this step-by-step guide that a child could do it. Lou Vukas, the creator of this course is not a self-proclaimed "guru" or some kind of financial genius, he is a regular guy who succeeded in Real Estate and is sharing some unique techniques that he has learned along the way. This program will show you REAL techniques to profit in Real Estate with little or no money, credit, or TIME.

You will learn how to cut to the chase without spending hours driving neighborhoods and spending countless hours on the telephone. The Bonuses included with this program are easily worth more than the price and give you added ammunition in your Real Estate investment arsenol. I was especially impressed with the customer service, receiving an email back almost immediately with answers to my questions. The Guarantee speaks for itself and combined with the excellent course information, Bonuses, Customer Service, and Low Price this is a win-win situation. Real Estate Fortunes definitely merits the top ranking and I highly recommend it if you really want to put your Real Estate Investments Business into over-drive.

One-Time: $50.00

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4.5 out of  5

With the Foreclosures at an all time high Matthew Griffin shows you the proven tacticts to succeeding in this market. ForeClosureProfitsNow is not just a simple e-book, it details everything about Foreclosures. It is a comprehensive guide that shows you how to easily  locate suitable properties and essential tips to evaluate properties and make sure it is a good deal for you.  ForeClosureProfits shows you exactly how to make big profits with minimum risk and without using  your money. The great thing is that he will show you how to do the business any way you choose, either by earning from your deals each month or making a huge income on a single deal.

This information takes you through the different stages of the Foreclosure process such as Pre-Foreclosure, Auctions, and REO, showing you how to avoid mistakes and profit from EACH stage. These techniques allow you to succeed even if your credit is bad and even if you don't have much money. Just acquiring properties is not what this is about, it is about making money, so ForeClosureProfitsNow shows you all the ways to effortlessly sell these properties for Big Profits. With the boom in Foreclosures this information will make it simple to understand how to profit from these conditions.   

One-Time: $47.50

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4 out of 5

Jen and Kevin Glass have been offering 'Beyond No Money Down' from their website for some time now. This program contimues to be one of our top choices holding off challenges by some very good programs. This will show you exactly how to profit in Real Estate with Nothng Down, Bad or No Credit, and even without a Job! Many courses claim this, but this one really takes you through every thing you need to know and DO, step-by-step. Whether you are buying your first house or you want to do Real Estate as a business, this information is invaluable.

 The Glass' approach is unique in that they REALLY do take you by the hand and guide you through the process,  leaving no stone unturned. This program is very easy to read and understand and if for some reason you don't understand something, Jen and Kevin are readily available to help you through it. In this world of hot shot big talking gurus this program stands alone not only because of the results, but because of direct personal involvement of the owners and creators themselves. You can rest assured that if you need help, you will be dealing with experienced people that truly care about your success. The $100 discount and the 90 Day Guarantee help a lot too! 

One-Time: $97.00

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3.5 out of 5 

We love Derek Pierce, the creator of the Real Estate Underground, he has put together a real winner.  The great thing about Derek is that even though he has been very successful, he is still a down to earth person who has been through the struggles just like everyone else. He is from a small town and is actively succeeding in the Real Estate business.

There is no Hype, over-the-top sales pitch, or outrageous promises. This program is a comprehensive Real Estate money making guide that gives you tried and true techniques along with some very creative ways to really make money no matter where you live. Derek includes some videos that take you step by step through some of the most profitable and creative Real Estate techniques and he even includes high quality customizable forms for anything that you would need. You will come away from this with REAL practical know-how.  

One-Time: $97.00

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Top Real Estate Programs

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Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 90 Days $50.00 4.5 90 Days $47.50
4 90 Days $97.00
3.5 90 Days $97.00

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