Jim Straw

Jim Straw is an inspiring story for persons who want to make it to the top of world with very meager resources.

A successful businessman who started his career at the young age of 9 years, is a genius, a marketing Guru, an internet marketing expert, and so on and on. At the age of 9, when most children have just replaced their milk teeth with permanent teeth, Jim was selling cans of ‘cloverleaf’ and copies of ‘GRIT’ newspaper. Perhaps the name of newspaper inspired him.

He always found a great opportunity, implemented a plan, and always made profit.

Jim has made a career out of service contracting, wholesale merchandising, entertainment (as a Trumpet player, vocalist and Radio Announcer), freight forwarding, import/export, retail merchandising, warehousing, real estate, electronics manufacturing, direct selling, finder's fees, closeout merchandising, business consulting, financial brokerage, steel fabrication, gold & coal mining, offshore banking, mail-order, writing, and publishing. Whew! Even to write this it has taken me a load of effort.

He has also written 300 books, manuals, courses, reports, about his methods.His books/articles of interest are,

• Advertising - 1913 Style!

• What to Charge for Shipping & Handling!

• How To Get A Good News Release Written!

• How To Write Better Ad-Copy

• Are You In Search of the Unique?

• What To Do When You Don’t Have Any Testimonials.

He is one of the biggest mail-order marketers, with 700,000 clients worldwide and a total revenue of $250,000,000.No wonder he was a member of “MENSA” an elite club with IQ of over 150.

But what I needed was a way to make money on the internet. All of the theory was great, but it didn't put money in my pocket and I have tried and tested hundreds of business opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a ROCK SOLID Income. To see it Click Here Jim Straw to Home Page