Teach Me To Trade ™

You probably just saw the info-mercial for Teach Me To Trade ™. They offer "free seminars" to introduce you to their education and software program.

Most of us want to trust others and believe that there really is a "Holy Grail" of opportunity that has yet to be discovered, but every experienced trader knows: the more people using a particular technique, the less effective it is.

There are many programs that use the "free seminar" approach to bring in potential customers just like Teach Me To Trade ™. The fact that many have spent thousands at these seminars, that they could not afford, is a testiment to how well this formula works!

Anyone with REAL trading experience will tell you:

* Most people lose money trading.

* The Big Money is made through selling brokerage services not trading.

* You succeed over time, by regularly putting in "new money."

* The way to REALLY make money is to sell "How To" Trading Courses.

Many of the stock trading programs similar to TMTT can easily run several thousand dollars, before you ever make a trade.

In addition to the initial costs to get involved you may require additional training which can result in a considerable additional expense. If you would like to see what some of the participants of Teach Me To Trade ™ have to say Click Here

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