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Mon Jan 29 09:25:53 2007

Name of the Company You are Reviewing:: Teach Me to Trade

Your Name: Lyle

Location(ex: Austin, Tx):: Phoenix

Is your review based on FIRSTHAND information?: Yes

Send it to us and we will post it!: I bought into the $40,000 package that TMTT offered. Initially, I only went for the $20K pkg but was talked into upgrading.

I have just finished the courses. I think the education is first rate. I thinkthe mentoring and coaching are worthless. The coach is there to teach aprogram, NOT coach. The mentor that I had was an options specialist, however hedidn't know how to trade in a stagnet market.

I was unable to have my mentor come to me so I went to the mentor. The pricedifference was $2000. TMTT WOULD NOT REFUND THE MONEY. They are thieves.

Their software is very buggy. Both the star trader and OPUS. Tech support -their solution to almost everything is to 1) reload the software, or 2)re-format your hard drive and reinstall.

Worth about 1/4 of the sale price.


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Teach me to Trade is now owned by Russ Whitney and run the same way as his other companies. The "free seminar" is used to talk you into spending $200 for software and a 3 day seminar that they say will teach you the secrets of trading.

The first day of the seminar, the teacher spends the first 3 hours telling you how her life was changed by going to a seminar that cost $3500 and she made $100,000 her first year trading. She then tells you that you have to follow the exact recipe which includes software, classes and a mentor that cost $30,000.00

I found software where you can pay $70.00 a month for instead of their software for $1800.00. In addition, their advanced classes cost $4,000 which you could find at any community college for $150.00.

The three days are spent as Teach Me To Trade shows you how you must spend the $30,000 to be successful. They ask people to fill out a sheet marking the classes they want to take. They then call 2 participants at a time and take them outside to try and sell them the $30,000 package.

This is a bait and switch operation.



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Another unsolicited email:


I attended the 3 day seminar and got a telephone callfrom some one call John Bird from teach me to tradeand he said that since I purchased the software, If I wouldlike to get some online coaching, which I said that I could not afford, so he that there are way that a lot of student pay for their course through credit cards..

He explained that you go online and transfer your existingbalance and also the amount for your course to credit card that have 0% APR and you can keep shifting to another credit card until you make enough money from your trade to pay a large amount when you start making money from your trades. Anyway I did what he said and I was denied by the credit card company and I have been trying to get in touch with this John Bird character and cannot get in touch or no one knows when he will be available to talk to me. I have left several messages and I does not return my call!

I had two sessions, and I would like them to credit back my money to my credit card compnay.. I only agreed to it because they said that I would make a lot of money from the trade and would be able to pay back the credit card compnay in large amounts...the charged $12,695.00 to me credit card forthey said I would get 12 month of 30 min session onlineand 4 day of mentoring...I don't think that anyone willever get in touch with me, my online trainer wants me to take another session tomorrow but, I am not going to take another session. I called the credit card company and I put in a claim to get my money back.

Margaret Henry


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And another:


First of all thanks for all this info. I purchased the Ken Roberts courseyears ago. It was very vague in its info. Certainly not enough info to juststart trading by yourself with no help from anyone. So I did nothing foryears, but still remained interested in the stock market.

Then along comesteach me to trade. I see the infomercial on t.v. My wife and I go to theseminar. I, with hesitancy purchase these two large notebooks and thecoveted cd that they say you need, for 2 thousand dollars. The one notebookon how to trade is not bad, but for a professional publication there arenumerous spelling errors. The other notebook you don't need, it's justfinancial info.

My wife and I attend the seminar a couple of weeks later.During the seminar, within the first break or two, they start to talk aboutreducing your credit card interest rate and getting a larger balance on yourcredit card. Then they give a sheet of paper that tells you how to do itand what to say. Well this seems odd to me.

Then we come back from thebreak and now they go over all the programs that they offer, totaling about20 thousand dollars. Gee wonder why they did that? Not hard to figure thatone out! I thought that anyone who never has traded before would have avery hard time starting.

So we get home and a few days later who calls?Someone calls about the mentoring program that goes for anywhere from 5k to15k. And how does one purchase this? Why through their credit card ofcourse! Needles to say I kind of told the guy off and that all that theywanted was my $. He assured me of his utmost integrity. I said dude, Idon't know you and you expect me to believe you! He wished me luck in mytrading and we hung up.

In conclusion, the cd is not always user friendly, but I do like it. Theseminar was vague. More than anything else, I was never offered any help.No one ever called me to see how I was doing. Which means that they don'tcare. I do think that the cd and the program are pretty good. But, gettingany support from anyone, forget it. Probably 90 to 95% of those thatattended are doing absolutely nothing. I would love to get my $ back.

Steve E.


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