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This page is dedicated to reporting unscrupulous business practices by programs that offer a Home Business Opportunity. On this page you will only see unsolicited emails from individuals that have had actual experience with these programs. If you do not see what you are looking for here search through this website and you will probably find it. If you want to have something added to the Scam Alert!

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I work for a company, or marketing arm that is a base for selling the coaching and expert help you will hear from when you make a purchase from jeff, john,and jim.our pitch is always the same regaurdless of which system you puchase, that individual is seeking to further their marketing campain by generating new sucess stories for their informercials , and you have been chosen as a possible canidate, it is a two part pitch and the investment varies from2,000 to 14,000 dollars.dont fall for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I bought the john beck program last year.....i never used the program....its seems like an ok program if you put it into use but i never did....anyway ...after a few months i recieved calls from the john beck mentor part of the john beck group....based out of las vegas......i should have known better but i fell for the sales pitch anyway.....i have been had for somany thousands of dollars now i should really have know it was a so many different programs...but i did it i signed up for the john beck mentor refunds after signing up.....right then i should have known something wasnt right if there is no refunds for any reason....but i signed anyway.....2495......i just recieved a new credit card with a 3000 limit so i used the card for the program was suppose to be a local real estate mentor in my area to help me begin my realestate investing program......turns out it was someone on a telephone calling "locally" from las vegas.....trying to guide me to get into investing in real estate......which includes setting up a real estate office.....local realtors.....local mortgage companies to finance the investing....and so on and so on......i did not consider this to be helpful to real estate investing......i i totally lost out on my 2499 investment of real estate mentoring to help to invest in real estate.....this is the most i have ever lost in the get rich programs i have tried a lot of them most seem ok but like your website says its just a scam to get you to send them more money for them to put in there watch out for the john beck mentor telephone mentoring program it is a scam if you want to throw your hard earned money away like i did throw it to me ok:



Jason Ryan,

I found your site when I was looking up information on “Teach Me to Trade.” A co-worker and I are going to this seminar next Thursday in Phoenix. We work at a company that takes orders for infomercials. Take orders is an understatement. When a customer calls in to order a product they have seen on tv, we convince them to buy the product seen (if they are calling for more info) and try to convince them to buy all the up sells making them think that the product they have seen is the best in the world, easy to do, and they need the up-sells to be successful. We sell “Think a Little Different Real Estate Course”, “Winning In the Cash Flow Business”, and “The Greatest Vitamins in the World.” I would just like to state that I agree with you about the infomercials filling people with a bunch of B.S. Unfortunately we cannot say anything negative about the product. The worse part is is that what they tell us to say to the customers are lies. I have to tell customers everyday that these programs are great money making opportunities and they will make a lot of money with it (the whole time I am thinking, “Yeah right, I have another sucker on the line.”). I feel bad for it.

Thank you

Cyn G.



I attended the 3 day seminar and got a telephone call from some one call John Bird from Teach Me To Trade and he said that since I purchased the software, If I would like to get some online coaching, which I said that I could not afford, so he that there are way that a lot of student pay for their course through credit cards..

He explained that you go online and transfer your existing balance and also the amount for your course to credit card that have 0% APR and you can keep shifting to another credit card until you make enough money from your trade to pay a large amount when you start making money from your trades.

Anyway, I did what he said and I was dinied by the credit card company and I have been trying to get intouch with this John Bird character and cannot get intouch or no one knows when he will be available to talk to me I have left several messages and I does not return my call. I had two sessions, and I would like them to credit back my money to my credit card compnay.. I only agreed to it because they said that I would make a lot of money from the trade and would be able to pay back the credit card compnay in large amounts...the charged $12,695.00 to me credit card for they said I would get 12 month of 30 min session online and 4 day of mentoring...I don't think that anyone will ever get in touch with me my online trainer want me to take another session tomorrow but I am not going to take another session. I called the credit card company and I put in a claim to get my money back..

Margaret Henry

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I bought Russ Dalbey's program, Winning in the Cash Flow Business in Dec 2004. I watched his show on one of the paid programming channels and was thoroughly taken by what was introduced to me on TV. Before I could have a chance to read through the materials, I received several phone calls from Russ's peers. The first young lady offered to help me find 5 cash flow notes with my investment of $995. She instructed me to either use my credit cards to get the money or to apply for a credit card for $1000, and then call her back. The deal was for me to pay her or them $995 and the first cash flow note she would help me with would earn enough money to pay off the credit card amount and then the other four cashflow notes income would be mine and I would be on my way to success. The other phone call was from a young man who, when I complained that I had already received a phone call like his, stated that the young lady was from a sister company, but that he was one of Russ's peers and could help me. He did not beat around the bush. He flat out told me that I would need $995 to get any help from the company. When I complained that Russ's TV program is telling his audience that they do not need any upfront money, he stated that those who help need to get paid too. The last phone call I received was on March 18, 2005 from a jolly voiced gentleman who said he was very enthused about a new program that Russ Dalbey have developed for people like me who don't understand the program of "Winning in the Cash Flow Business". This is the deal. Russ will give me my own website for 48 months (4 years) and I am to get my family and friends to purchase Russ's program from my website. For each purchase, I will receive $100. This way, I will build up enough money to buy into the program for the help I need. What a scam!! I told him NO NO NO. Why should I get other people to buy when I am not satisfied and don't understand the program myself. I told him I would not allow other people to have to go through what I have gone through, and that is disappointment and a waste of my money. To you, I am glad I read your report on Russ Dalbey and his scamming as well as the other scammers. Apparently they are living high-on-the-hog off our money from dummies like us. Thanks for your info.


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