PharmaGroup may be an option,if you are looking for a business opportunity in prescription or prescription free medicines, you can do business with this company. They claim to supply medicines from Europe manufactured by “reputable international laboratories.”

Prescription free ordering is the self-ordering of drugs with or without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. They will supply your order with a prescription. Since they procure the medicines from outside the USA ( mainly from Europe), the medicines pass through US customs. Having the largest database of banned drugs and medicines in the world, the US customs looks at every medicine closely and This poses a serious threat to the availability of medicines in time for the needy patient.

Large volume discounts are available with Pharmagroup and this can be a source of a business opportunity for pharmacist in a remote area.

Please be informed that, you ordered or SELL this medicine and YOU have all the responsibility for the medicine. does not take any responsibility for custom confiscations of clearing from US customs.

The site very clearly states that “Your order with any prescription You provide us, but keep in mind we take no responsibility for invalid prescriptions, nor do we take responsibility in determining what constitutes a valid medical prescription!”

The internet is full of complaints regarding this company, on not meeting ordering dead lines, not informing persons about the delays in meeting shipment and about supplying anabolic steroids.

So if you are a law-abiding citizen of USA, or you do not wish to have problems in clearing customs, do not order on this site. If you are a trained medical man and know what you wish to purchase, you can visit this site and order on that. I would be VERY cautious about doing this program.

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