DollarBlaster is for after you have set up an internet company, the next thing on your mind is the income that you receive from this company. This can be a cry in the wilderness if you cannot advertise. This program claims to help in this regard.

All you have to do is to log on and get yourself registered as a member, and after the initial check up of you email and payment of $25 for fee, you are on. will blast your advertisement to members on #1 spot and will continue to advertise until Dollarblaster gets orders. You get revenue of $270 as revenue paid directly to your account.

After that, you will be shifted #2 spot and the same process continued until you get revenue of $8100. Your advertisements will continue until you get promised revenue. The advertisements are blasted to millions of email accounts throughout the world. You can also use the E-marketing tools available in member area. This is worth $2000, which is about 80 times the entrance fee for member.

This is done through the web package: “profit pack”. It is a collection of software, e-book and programs. You can access this when you join Dollarblaster. Advertising support is also available through.

Here is a sample testimonial, unedited.

One email to all of my collegues and i didnt need to lift a finger again. they keep referring and referring and referring making everyone a winner. This was two weeks ago!

Simon - Member ID : 10424

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