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We have been bombarded with emails and phone calls about Mystery or Secret Shopping Programs, so we decided to find out which Mystery Shopper programs REALLY work and let you know.

If you have visited our site before then you know that we cut through the hype and fancy graphics to find out which programsactually make money.

We tested the many different Mystery Shopper/Secret Shopper programs and found most to be seriously flawed. We found No customer service, outdated or useless links, no guarantee, and awful website navigation.

Many Mystery Shopping programs use some sort of gimmick to pull you in and then they try to charge you for things that you should have received to begin with.

There are get paid to shop programs that have a one time fee, other Secret Shopping programs try to charge you on a monthly basis, and still others that claim to be free! Actually, the “free” Secret Shopping programs ended up costing the most because there are so many hidden costs that nickel and dime you to death.

Many Mystery Shopper programs have no intention of delivering anything and were simply out to get your hard earned money, before they shut down and disappear.

Through our exhaustive research, we isolated the factors that were common to the top Mystery Shopper/Secret Shopper programs and used these to develop our 5 point rating system.We did find some legitimate programs that will help you become a Mystery Shopper and we have listed the best programs below.

After spending countless hours to find reputable programs we can now pass this information to you. If you follow the instructions of the Secret Shopping companies below, you will find a fun and easy way to make extra money and receive free merchandise!


Best Mystery Shopper Sites
(SeeReviews Below)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee
ShoppingJobs.Net 5 of 5 60 Days $29.95 4.5 60 Days $39.95
4 90 Days $29.95
3.5 90 Days $34.50

5 out of 5

Thisis our top ranked Mystery Shopper shopping site. The site is very wellorganized and is updated frequently with the most current opportunitiesand companies offering the best programs. They have a job board that isupdated daily, a search tool that makes it easy to find the type ofshopping you are looking for, a newsletter that keeps you up-to-datewith new offers, and a simple to follow step-by-step guide.

One Time:$29.95

Tocheck it out foryourself: Click Here


4.5out of 5

GetPaid2Shopis well organized and offers great opportunities for Mystery Shoppersas well as other programs to make extra money. Customer satisfactionfor this program is high and this is why we rank it near the top. With160 companies to choose from you have plenty of current opportunities.This is a well establishedcompany that can help you make money quickly and for the long term.Actually it was only the fact that it is $10 more that prompted us torank it number 2. If you have the extra $10 dollars it is well worth it.

OneTime: $39.95

To check itout for yourself: ClickHere


4 out of 5


definitely one of the more enjoyable Mystery Shopper programs and it iswell worthchecking out. You can get going very quickly with this program and itis veryeasy to use. This site is well organized and simple tonavigate with frequent updates on shopping and dining. You can alsoaccess information that will help you get the most fun and profit outof your experience. This site has not been around long which is areason for caution, but they have taken many of the best features fromother programs, which makes this a good program.

One Time: $29.95

Tocheck it out for yourself: Click Here


3.5 out of 5

Wehave just recently added this program to our top picks due to theincreased customer satisfaction ratings. As is the case with all of ourpicks, this site is easy to navigate and offers a variety of ways tomake money other than just shopping and dining. This program does notoffer as many possibilities as some to the others, but it can still bea fun and easy way to make money as a Mystery Shopper.

One Time:$34.50

To check itout for yourself: Click Here


BestMystery Shopper Sites
(SeeReviews Above)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee
ShoppingJobs.Net 5 of 5 60 Days $29.95 4.5 60 Days $39.95
4 90 Days $29.95
3.5 90 Days $34.50

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