Mentors of America

Mentors of America is typically associated with the John Beck tax lien program and your about to find out the whole story!

This company is used by John Beck to offer the "coaching" that is supposedly "necessary" if you REALLY want to succeed with Beck's program.

You will start receiving phone calls immediately after you order off of the TV and they will sometimes use Strong Arm Tactics to coerse you into using their service.

They ask for outrageous amounts of money and unfortunately, many have fallen for it. Some for $15000!

Mentors of America employs people that are no more qualified to "coach" people about the Tax Lien business than someone off the street, who has never done a Tax deal in their life!

It is all about the money!

I would suggest against this in a Big Way, but here are Customer Testimonials that you can read:

Customer Testimonials