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This is my John Beck Testimonial: After I ordered the $393.95 program, before I even received it I was getting phone calls from "Mentoring of America" telling me that I had been "selected" to possible be their next "infomercial success story" and to make a long story short, after about 4 solicitation phone calls, they talked both my husband and me into investing $13,960.00 in this mentoring program.

Magically, that's the exact amount I had available on the Master Card I used to make the initial purchase. I've since found out that that's what other extremely disappointed consumers had done to them as well. Some pay $1500 some $3600 or whatever they have available on their credit card(s), then it takes a few of those supposedly 30 minute (really 20 minute) phone calls to figure out that it's a big steamy stinking heap of Sh!*!!

When I contacted them and told them that I didn't' want to continue the program and wanted my money back, they told me there were no refunds. So, I contacted my attorney, and my credit card company and disputed the "quality of services" and my credit card company, Bank One, promptly did a charge back, and after reviewing my information decided not to honor John Beck's charge.

I have an email from the Manager of the Financial Dept at John Beck/Mentoring of America agreeing to FULLY REFUND THE ENTIRE PURCHASE PRICE OF $13,960.00 and now they've sent the account to their collection company EPN for $7600.00!

For the four 20 minute phone calls I received, which would be $95.00 a minute, to talk with a guy who did little more than direct me to and walk me thru the site, advising me and my husband to purchase property, site unseen, and then re-sell it on the internet for "amazing profits". None of his advice helped us purchase ONE additional piece of real estate. We tried, believe me!

We were also told we could speak with him anytime we had a question, but we were never able to reach him by phone, and I think we may have received 1 reply to our many emails for assistance.

What a JOKE! I plan to take this as far as I can, this man should be disbarred for his deception!


Sacramento Ca

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