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This is an email an individual SENT TO John Beck about his program:

Dear John Beck,

I realize the chances that you will ever personally see this letter are extremely slim. However, I have chosen to write you in anyway in order to tell you about my current experience with your staff and Real Estate system/packet.

I received the “John Beck’s Amazing Profits Real Estate System,” packet approximately five days ago. I was not able to contact a, “Start-Up Specialist,” through dialing 1-888-856-9417, as suggested and/or directed within 48 hours, due to the reality that I have pneumonia and was in fact unconscious from this last Friday until Sunday night. Needless to say I am very ill and calling was simply not possible until today May 12. In any case, I did pull myself through a partial review of your material yesterday and found it intriguing. Moreover, I finally did call and speak to a Start-Up Specialist today.

This is where the intrigue abruptly ended. These were my observations regarding the Start-Up Specialist:

A) He was unable to initiate conversation

B) Was obviously just reading items from a list of questions.

C) Was unable to deviate from that list of questions.

D) Did a poor job of asking the questions and clarifying what kind of answers were needed and for what purpose.

E) Knew absolutely nothing about the contents of the packet.

F) Knew little if anything about the business in question.

G) In a nutshell it quickly became clear that all the Start-Up Specialist was capable of knowing was that I should pay your company an additional $5,000 to $10,000 for instructorship services.

H) The Start-Up Specialists was really only interested in finding out how much money I currently had (retirement fund? credit cards? credit limit? Income? Etc.), how much money I could get my hands on quickly (i.e. what kind of credit rating did I have to determine if I could borrow money or get more credit cards), if my husband would be in the business with me (i.e. how much money could he give up) and all in order to find out if I was going to pay that extra fee for the tutorship!

Needless to say, running two business of my own and having been an entrepreneur for the past twenty years, I felt uncomfortable with this form of verbal wallet digging/inspection and I did not provide the information though the Start-Up Specialist thought I did.

Furthermore, the Start-Up Specialist literally did not know the information I had already digested from your packet and considering the fact that I had absorbed this data while suffering from pneumonia and a fever of still close to and at times at 104 degrees this is truly sad performance from the Start-Up Specialist. After the short conversation with the Start-Up Specialist I was left with a feeling that he was telling me I could not possibly succeed to any level without paying you an added $5,000 to $10,000.

The Start-Up Specialist point blank told me that without the additional instruction clients end up losing well over $5,000 to $10,000 in mistakes they make alone, however, he could give me no examples of even a single error that would lead to such financial nightmares and losses.

All he (i.e. the Start-Up Specialist) could do was offer me the impression that without paying your company the tutoring fee I would fail completely and end up without anything whatsoever except lost money. Interesting. Moreover, if this is true, what you are selling is a scam, no?

I believe that I should be able to obtain tax certificates, for example, using the instructions and methods as outlined in the material in your packet. I should be able to call the appropriate county offices if confused or if this is necessary to verify office (counter) location, dates, etc. and availability and acquire a list or the location of the list of what is available.

I believe I should then be able to get on a plane, fly to that location, review the property in question; perhaps check comps (i.e. values of what is in the area) and buys the tax certificate if still available through the appropriate county office. I should be able to do this, and similar things, without paying your company an additional $5,000 to $10,000 for tutorship and/or extra guidance. Now, clearly I am quite certain that additional training would and should enable me to function at an immediately higher level in this business.

However, if your package program materials (i.e. that package your John Beck infomercial advertises and sells to people) is legitimate I should still be able to function somewhat without automatically losing a guaranteed $5,000 to $10,000, instead of ever gaining a penny of profit on any tax certificate I may purchase and I should be able to do this even and without tutorship. What do you think?

At this time I am reviewing more material and as I recover from the remainder of the pneumonia problem that I am currently suffering from additional research will begin. I then plan to fund some trips and purchases with funding from my two businesses. I will do what I can to utilize the written and CD materials in your packet.

Then I will likely write my own book about it all and publish it. Thus in the conclusion, you and your system will either be proven as feasible as is and potentially enhanced with the added education (i.e. for $5,000 or $10,000 more) or a complete scam in which testimonials featuring so called normal people or a man who had only $50.— ( without looking at my copy of that tape, I believe his statement on your infomercial was something about, “all you need is to be able to read and determination) were able to succeed by following your system.

There was no mention of a man, as according to your Start-Up Specialist, who really had $5,000 or $10,000 plus $50 to invest in a tax certificate or tax deed or other foreclosure sale purchase. I understand that I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have been a published author of numerous books for many years as well.

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