Matthew Lesko

Do you want to know what you REALLY get with Matthew Lesko.

Like many others, I wanted to know! His book so he says, lists government giveaways for just about every conceivable reason.

The government has many programs designed to help people in different situations. I wanted to see what my friends in Washington were holding for me.

What I received was a HUGE encyclopedia of the Government beaurocracy and SIX HOURS of Matthew Lesko on tape. No one needs that much of him!

The Book really did have worlds of information, and it covered a large variety of topics. Too Many!

It was not very clear about the details of the programs and in calling a lot of the phone numbers I found that many were disconnected. Some did have addresses, but the few I mailed to never responsed. So I don't know if they were valid, I suspect they were old or had changed.

The Manual also says NOTHING about what to say or how to properly request these Grants and Giveaways. I subsequently learned that the manner in which you request these monies is VITALLY important, So this is definitely not a "How To" book!

Mr. Lesko's website seems to be an exaggerated version of the book. There is a little info on the best ways to apply for the Grants and Giveaways, but not much. I don't think this site clarifies that process much at all.

Even if you have an unlimited amount of time, a great deal of patience, and an excitement level equal to Mr. Lesko(which seems impossible to me)that there might be some validity to this offer, but even then you may be wasting your time.

Each year in the summer months the Federal Government prints a list of all the Grant and Loan programs. Matthew Lesko seems to be a little behind, you would think, at least he would be up to date.

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