Michael Parness

Michael Parness is the author of "Trend Trading To Win", "Rule The Freakin Markets: How to Profit in Any Market" and "How I turned $33,000 in to $7 Million in Fifteen Months-and Here's How You Can Too."

The Michael Parness story is an interesting one, he went from living on a park bench in New York to doing quite well with his own sports memorabilia company. After taking the advice of a broker he lost almost his entire nest egg and that is when he decided to figure out a way to beat the markets!

He now claims to be at the pinnacle of day trading and I am sure that he has done well in this VERY risky activity, but I know he has done well with the selling of his information on the subject.

Michael Parness' Trend Trading program is full of information and exercises that truly help the readers determine their own risk tolerance and helps one understand how market psychology drives daily and cyclical trends.

Understanding this and mastering it are two different things, however. Trend trading is risky and most experts advice against it, the odds of being successfull at it are similar to the odds you get in Vegas, I don't need to take that risk to make plenty of money and neither do you!

Mr. Parness' "Trend Trading" is relatively inexpensive and his Ninja Trading program will run about $400 per month. If you should decide to attempt this be prepared to do extensive paper trading before you risk real money!

There are countless offers out there that promise to help you reduce risk when trading and honestly, I do not get any emails singing the praises of any of them, unfortunately the opposite seems to be true. There is big risk inherent in trading and there is nowhere near a sure thing. Be cautious and risk only what you can LOSE, whether you are using Michael Parness' material or any others.

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