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Free Store Club ™ can provide you with a ready made turn-key opportunity, providing access to the exciting world of internet marketing.

This company uses a pay structure called Exact Method Marketing, that employs a variation of the binary payout format. There are some progams on the internet that have had success with this structure and others that could not sustain it. Some programs really push something called "spillover" which means that those above you will practically build the business for you, but you cannot count on that alone.

Another money making aspect of this program is the direct marketing of products directly to the public over the internet. This is a great way to make money as long as your website is unique and offers what others do not.

Credibility and Individuality, also two important components of internet marketing, are non-existant if you do not have a unique domain name. Personally inviting people to visit your Free Store Club ™ site is not much different than selling a product, so what makes this different than any other MLM that targets your “warm-list” of prospects? Obviously, some people are having success with Free Store Club ™, but I am absolutely sure that this is not the most lucrative form of internet marketing.

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