is associated with Lou Vukas, a "supposed" realestate guru. The course that is offered thru this site is called "Real Estate Uncovered" and I have received many emails pertaining to this site and course.

The following unsolicited email is among many I have received, so decide for yourself if it is for you:


I could not pass up the invitation to express my opinion about one of the few Real Estate Gurus, which I call "Real Mistake Gurus", that I have purchased to date. All of which are not worth the paper or the fake tape series they are printed on!

This one tops the list, just behind the jailbird William McCorkle, which I might add had an office in Florida that I visited before I purchased the course and it was still money down the drain and time wasted!

This program is the smoothest $99.00 scheme I have seen in a while. After you order you receive this huge manual that would take a speed reader two months to go thru(so long 30 day money back guarantee!) I realized it was not for me and tried several times to email them, with no response and when I called they don't answer, leaving you a "gone for the weekend" message and never returning your call!

Then 18 to 20 days later, after receiving not 1 call or email I get a call from and a "PMI representative" who was offering to mentor me, for the price of an airplane and not the price of a ticket, but the price of the WHOLE airplane!!! I then explained that all I wanted was for someone to contact me in regards to sending back this fake manual and getting a refund! I am then informed that PMI is the education department and they have nothing to do with refunds.

If anyone gets involved with after my experience they are a bigger fool than I am! foreclosureworld does not deserve one more penny, let alone another $99.00. This is your chance to learn the truth, use it! I wish I would have!!

Thank you for listening to the facts. ____________________________________________

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