I have had a bad experience with and in reading about them, I don't appear to be the only one...

I subscribed to their real estate investment guide "Real Estate Uncovered"for $104.70, that was not to be deducted from my credit card until after a 7 day trial. Right after I looked over the material I realized it was about flipping properties and I was more interested in renting properties. 2 days later I sent a regestered letter, as requested. Now I am out the cost of the letter as well as the $104.70! They deducted it from my credit card anyway!!!

When I tried to contact their "billing" department by email(what a joke!) I received no response. Now I am in the process of disputing the charge. What a Pain! Please, if you listen to nothing else, STAY AWAY FROM THAT SITE!

Thanks for letting me vent,



And another email:


I am currently in the middle of a bad experience with I bought a report titled "Real Estate Uncovered" and I never received it, howeverthey did charge my credit card. I have tried several times to contact them via phone and email, to no avail! If anyone has contact with BEWARE!!!

Sheriece, TX


To Whom it may concern:

I ordered one ot the foreclosure courses that was free to look over for 7 days. After that I could cancel if not satisfied. Well I did cancel after 5 days and 2 days after cancelling my credit card was charged for the course. I sent several emails to their billing and customer service departments, but have not gotten a response. I feel conned!

Terry Mason


Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 17:41:27 -0600

Subject: foreclosure world

I recently bought into foreclosure world for bankruptsies in hoping to save money on purchasing a home. I have found that I have simply lost nearly $400. I have called the areas listed and the local realestate folks have told me that it is a scam as well. The list is not at all current as promised. Tha deals are not there as promised or they are months or years old. your money. I feel like a fool.

Judy A. Smith

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