Elite Funnel System

Elite Funnel System was put together by Chris Campbell and Matthew Sunderland. Now you are about to find out what this is all about!

These guys who claim to be "Million Dollar Mentors" and are advertising their "system" on 16k.com. They are stating that they are only looking for 30 people to help them get to 16k/mnth.

As you delve further into this you find that Elite Funnel System is just a "feeder" program for The Reverse Funnel System, which is a "feeder for a Network Marketing Company called Global Resorts International.

To be honest, I have not joined Reverse Funnel because I have received so many emails, telling me that they have spent a ton of money trying to do the program and never made a dime.

If you join Elite Funnel, you will also need to join Reverse Funnel, and you will also need to join Global Resorts. After that you will be expected to buy very expensive leads and advertisement and try to drive these people to your replicated website. You will not be on any search engine no matter what they tell you, they hate replicated sites and don't list them!

There are much better, easier, and less expensive ways to make an online income that really is what these people promise.

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