Reverse Funnel System ™

Ty Coughlin and his Reverse Funnel System ™ website makes some very BOLD claims in his very long sales letter. You're about to learn the Whole Story, so read every word, or you'll only have yourself to blame!

The Reverse Funnel System ™ basically promises that you won't have to do anything that you really don't want to do and tells you what you want to hear. Such as: No phone calls, no selling, no prospecting, no meetings, basically doing nothing! Ty Coughlin claims that he has found the magic "system" that will make you fabulously rich, but has he really?

This company is what I call "feeder" program because it is really a front for a Network Marketing Company. The Reverse Funnel System ™ actually promotes Global Resorts Network.

RFS wants you to pay $50 and fill out an "application" to see if you qualify. Guess what? If you pay the $50, you are qualified , so don't expect to ever see that money again!

After you "qualify," it will then be explained that you need to come up with more money because now you will need to join Global Resorts Network. Which has it's own set of guidelines(costs) that you must also adhere to on a monthly basis.

Whoever is trying to get you into Reverse Funnel will undoubtedly have their own "incredible" system sure to have people beating down your door. There system will include an ongoing monthly charge for a replicated website and participation in some sort of "fool-proof" advertising co-op.

One of Ty Coughlin's associates will then explain to you how vitally important it is to be in the "Inner Circle" if you truly want to succeed. The "circle" is where you are REALLY going to learn how to make money with this. They do give you options on how you can get into the "circle" and the first starts out at about $2900, but that's not all...

After you are in, you will find out that all this is about is recruit, recruit, recruit, which means advertise..., and of course, more money from YOU. There will be more upsells and more for you to buy and the idea is that you start implimenting these same tactics with others.

This all gets very involved and confusing, always with new "tools" coming along that will help you "take your income to a new level," if it doesn't take every penny you have first!

There is one "tool" that will definitely help you to have success with this program and that is an UNLIMITED Long Distance Phone Plan. So much for the "automated" system!

If all of what Ty Coughlin and the Reverse Funnel System claims was actually true, there would be people beating down their doors to join, they wouldn't have to try so hard to convince you.

It would also seem reasonable that I would have gotten at least "one" email from someone that has succeeded with it.Unfortunately, the emails that I receive from people that have gotten involved don't paint the same picture as the RFS website and salesmen do.

You can make a nice income on the internet if you know what you are doing, but don't believe the programs promising cars, boats, and mansions overnight for doing nothing, that is fantasy land!

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Share your experience with Reverse Funnel System ™ or anything else?