Don Lapre

Donald Lapre is at it again! Pulling out all the stops on his "Greatest Vitamin In The World" info-mercial. Another in the long line of his "can't miss" business opportunity offers!

What you may not know is that he has been around for a long time with one "sure thing"after another. All of them could not miss,but they did for just about everybody, but Don.

Maybe Donald Lapre really did try to come up with the "Greatest Vitamin In The World," but the name itself is indicative of his over the top, high energy sales pitch.

There are HUNDREDS of MLM companies all claiming that their vitamin is the best and just like Don, they claim to be able to prove it.

The reality is that Mr. Lapre has pushed one money making program after another. He still talks about the 900 numbers, the tiny ads, and the reminder service. All of these seemed like great ideas, unfortunately he made the money while almost everyone else who got involved, did not!

The info-mercial for "The World's Greatest Vitamin" shows you all the fantastic things you get for $35. Don may make some money on the vitamins, but the "coaching" that you will be asked to buy for thousands of dollars, is where he REALLY makes money.

The website he offers is of the replicated variety. This means that it is a cookie cutter website that cannot be listed on the search engines and without that, it is virtually useless. That is unless you purchase the package that will supposedly drive thousands of people to your site, that starts at around $1500! You can tell your friends and family, or use his software to make cards and flyers to hand out, but that is not how you make money on the internet.

Don't believe the hype, if it was that easy,Donald Lapre would not be trying so hard to make you believe it. The initial $35 is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a much easier way to make money on the internet and you don't have to make flyers or talk to anyone if you don't want to. With the right step-by-step program you can rival the incomes of doctors and lawyers.

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