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A few years ago when I was a college student, I watched his shows on the TV regarding his classified ads and how we can make millions of dollars just like that! Back in those days I was quite young, inexperienced and highly motivated to become a multimillionaire just over night. When I saw his ad and his passion a couple of times, I started getting convinced that perhaps his techniques would really work for me and my poor days would be over forever. So I decided to order his unique system.

When I received his system, it cost me around $50 U.S with shipping and handling and back in those days $50 meant a lot for me because I was trying to afford my living expenses as well as my tuition fees. Anyhow, I was extremely excited! This is what I found after I completely read and followed the catalogs and heard his audio tape:

He precisely explained three different techniques:

1) How we can make money by selling junk items or may be a junk information booklet prepared by our own selves to various people? 2) How can we make money through obtaining a 900 number for call girls etc? 3) How can we make money by buying and selling junk through Public Auctions?

All of his above three ideas and techniques are practical and one can pursue his techniques but I don’t think there is hardly any chance that one could become rich through these ideas and techniques.

Thus the ideas and techniques that Don showed were a total piece of junk yet no one could perhaps file a fraudulent law suit against him because of maybe the two major reasons:

1) Despite one can’t make tones of money but can’t deny the fact that all of his money making ideas are at least applicable in practical life. 2) He is backing up his system with a full money back guaranty and thus anybody who gets upset with his system could get a refund while going through all the hassles of mailing it back gain to Don and paying the return delivery charges as well.

The only way that perhaps one can make money through his system is not following his techniques in the catalogues but only start doing what Don Lapre is doing. That is making people fool and try to sell his stupid system to thousands of innocent people. Thus making Don himself a rich man.



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