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I found your website and wanted to say a sincere thank you for you help in exposing to the marketing community what is happening within the MLM opportunity called Better Universe. I was a representative for the company for a short period and the promotions by the company are extremely deceptive to potential marketers and anyone visiting the companies website.

The deception and hype used by the company has been recently streaming across the internet by those who were once representatives and who experienced the deception firsthand. Unbeknownst to potential representatives their is information about Better Universe that needs to be exposed with a sense of urgency.

Many potential Better Universe representatives are lead to believe that by joining they will experience what is called "Spill Over" sales in the company's matrix. This is false and misleading. You can research this information at the Better Universe website. The President of the company has a "Private Team" of reps that he calls his "Action Team", which meets separately from other reps. See link >>> .

Just below the conference call schedule in this link you'll see reference to that "Action Team". This "action team" mostly consists of management and senior representatives who started early in the Better Universe and are able to work the opportunity full time. These are the individual representatives who stand to benefit from any "Spill Over" from the potential marketing that the company says will happen.

You have to meet certain sales quotas to become part of this action team. The "Action Team" members are the ones who will receive any potential "Spill-Over" Sales in their downline because these are the reps that management feels are worthy. The reps who are NOT included on the action team and do not meet "sales requirements" will not benefit from the "Spill-Over" or any of the so-called marketing that the company promotes.

I was told repeatedly as a representative that if I did NOT meet a certain "sales quota" that I would not receive Spill Over sales from any of that "so-called" marketing associated with Beryl Wolk who is apparently a marketing expert. This is core" group orhighly deceptive to new representatives who are lead to believe by becoming a representative that they will benefit from any marketing or work of others in the company. Unless you are a part of this " "Action Team" the chances are slim to none that new representatives will benefit at all from the work of the entire company as it promotes itself or any of the so-called marketing the company says will happen.

As a representative I was able to sign a handful of new representatives in my downline with an initial momentum push as a new representative myself. After I exhausted all my immediate contacts of friends, family & acquaintances my new rep sign-ups became fewer with weak leads. With lack up support from my upline and unable to recruit new reps on my own I was in a sense "black flagged" as others currently are who do not meet the Better Universe presidents sales requirements.

This is an extremely common practice within Better Universe. Only a handful of representatives are apart of this Better Universe president's "Action Team" in an MLM that supposedly has thousands of members. These "Action Team" members are the representatives for the company that will receive the benefits which the company promotes at it's website saying everyone will benefit. This is a complete lie, which reps will soon discover at joining.

Everything written at the website contradicts what is going on behind the scenes. A mass exit of representatives as taken place in recent months and most have felt obligated to expose what is really going on with Better Universe. Thanks again for your due diligence in helping former representative bring light to how this MLM really is operating behind closed doors. As someone new to this industry I felt ashamed to be apart of the company they call Better Universe, which promotes itself as focused on feeding the poor and the homeless. It's all a marketing ploy to money into a hand full of individuals pockets who meet the presidents standards and can "play the game". It very sad.

G. Blanchard "A Former Better Universe Bronze Representative

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