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Subject: Better Universe MLM V.P. Phil Zulli's Seasilver MLM Connection

Dear Home Based Biz Review,

I found your website and thought you might be interested in reading the information below that surfaced recently on various forums. It's unsettling to know that the Better Universe MLM is using the plight of the poor and homeless to obtain personal wealth. Thank you for the information that you've posted at your website. It was influential in me coming to the realization of what Better

Universe is really all about. The information below was forwarded to me and I thought I'd share it with you in case you haven't heard about it already. You obviously know enough about Better Universe and it's reputation to see what's really going on within the company. I've read up on what happened at Seasilver involving the FTC investigation & fines and how Phil Zulli who is now the Vice President of Better Universe defended Seasilver, which was obviously involved with some illegal practices. The information below is long, but worth reading. It is truly unbelievable to say the least.


Dear friends,

This is important information for potential Better Universe MLM representatives

or anyone approached to join the opportunity. Contrary to what the handful of current Better Universe representatives might think this is not a personal attack on Better Universe or Phil Zulli. Phil Zulli is the "VP of Marketing" for

the Better Universe MLM. This information has been logically thought out by numerous individuals and expressed & discerned accurately. All this information can be confirmed if a person chooses to research it's accuracy in the information below. This information reflects the dignified perspective of those removed from the thought of financial gain from Better Universe or Phil Zulli's relationship with Better Universe. Former Better Universe representatives have information that they feel needed to be exposed about Better Universe and those who are promoting it. This information will give realistic insight into Phil Zulli's relationship with the MLM Seasilver and how it's obvious that he sacrificed personal integrity in an attempt to protect his reputation. All this is in regard to his response to the FTCs probe against the Seasilver MLM for which he was a distributor and sought to seek financial reward for his association with Seasilver. Current developments and revelations with Better Universe reflect what took place at Seasilver that warranted the FTC probe and fines that followed. This is important information being released to make consumers aware of facts that can not be ignored as to make a logical decision as to whether Better Universe is at all what it advertises and promotes itself to be. The only individuals who would contradict this information are those who are currently benefiting financially from the tactics used by Better Universe. Those current representatives will surely deny that this information is true because the result to them could possibly be a monetary lose. Below is a link and excerpts from Phil Zulli's website as he explains his relationship with Seasilver, which is a vitamin company that he promoted and to our knowledge still does. You'll read how he attempted to dismiss obvious unethical practices

that took place with the Seasilver MLM and it's distributors in his support of the MLM and it's distributorship. With the deception and hype that we know was used for a fact to promote Better Universe we decided to look into a little of Phil Zulli's MLM past to see the type of marketing he has been involved with. We

were not surprised by what we found considering. Keep in mind that Better Universe is fully aware that this information has been exposed on numerous levels and by many experienced marketers who's primary focus is to expose MLM scams, fraud, deception and hype. All the information exposing the truth behind

Better Universe was all done in an effort to protect consumers from falling victim to the unethical practices. Much of Phil Zulli's excerpts below and the Seasilver information at his link is reminiscent to what hundreds if not thousands of former representatives are saying about Better Universe now. In Phil Zulli's article you'll see his response to the FTC charges against Seasilver when he states "A great vision for a better future is under attack". What people wanted to know was a "better future" for what or who..... for MLM distributors who use lies and deceit to promote their products? Much of what happened with the Seasilver MLM is now happening with Better Universe. This is 100% fact that no one at Better Universe has been able to refute. The only response from Better Universe and it's backers or (profitable reps) is denial mixed with a motivational speech telling detractors that they are angered only because they didn't make money as Better Universe reps. Far from the truth. The

detractors of Better Universe are angered simply because they were lied to and deceived to join the MLM by unethical practices. Deception was used on Better Universe conference calls, amongst a countless number of representatives and at

their personal Better Universe websites. Those who acknowledged these unethical

practices have felt a responsibility to get the information out and it's their right to do it as to protect others from falling victim. There is no doubt that

people are angered because of the LIES and DECEIT and EXAGGERATION used to promote Better Universe by the company and it's many of it's reps. Let it be reminded of the Beryl Wolk deception that was exposed in recent months. Or the promotion of Better as the #1 home business of 2004, which is a lie that was surely meant to deceive people. The lies and deception are definitely patterns that can not be denied or ignored. Seasilver and it's representatives also made

deceitful, misleading and exaggerated claims about their product for the sake of

the generating personal wealth. When those unethical practices and false claims

where exposed and fines where handed down by the FTC, instead of holding themselves and the company accountable, Seasilver distributors like Phil Zulli chose to ignore the fact that unethical and deceitful practices actually did take place. Why? Only one reason why....for the sake of the financial gain or lose. And in Phil Zulli's case to protect his reputation. Some might call it damage control. As for Better Universe and former representatives taking a stand

against the deceitful and exaggerated promotions used...Seasilver's former distributors took action on the basis that Seasilver was also using deception and lies to sell it's product(s). This was the reason for the FTCs probe and actions against Seasilver. The FTC took action against Seasilver in response to

a continued and overwhelming number of complaints against the company. It is safe to say that most of the support for Seasilver and it's product during the FTC probe & fines were from those who stood to experience the monetary lose from

the FTCs action. Basically they chose to ignore obvious unethical and illegal behavior in an attempt to protect their financial interest. Seasilver distributors like Phil Zulli chose to ignore the fact that very deceitful practices where used to promote Seasilver and more importantly false claims where made about Seasilver's product by many distributors. We've heard people talk about what a great guy Phil Zulli is and what a great motivator he is at Better Universe. We say don't let motivational speeches prevent you from seeing

that these people are solely driven by financial gain and personal reward, not a

Better Universe, Better World or helping feed and clothe the poor & homeless. This information was put together and reviewed by many former reps involved with

Better Universe who felt deceived by the actions of the company and representatives. You'll see by a simple search on the internet how many have chosen to expose their experience with Better Universe and the deception, lies and exaggeration they saw taking place to obtain new representatives. Seasilver - A great vision for a better future is under attack.

The excellent reorder rate of Seasilver means that people are getting results they have never experienced before and are willing to pay a premium for it; the

number of regular customers is well into the hundreds of thousands. That is a natural health phenomenon! People want Seasilver! Seasilver Gets Temporarily Shut Down By The FTC For "Medical Claims" So I was set to begin my promotion of Seasilver on Monday June 16th when the FTC

swooped in like a bird-of-prey and shut the Seasilver company down and froze its

assets. A big surprise on my first day! I gave the regulatory action the benefit

of the doubt, after all I really didn't know that much about the company's operations. But what unfolded during the week was all too familiar. I was at the

1985 Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Herbalife. During the following years I saw

the regulatory agencies repeatedly attempt to restrict the flow of safe natural

health products. Prior to 1994, these kinds of "attacks" were common. A new law

(DSHEA) was passed unanimously by Congress that year that helped to protect nutritional supplements from unwarranted restrictions. You can find the details

in the June 20 update below. After an intensive week of research and interviews, it became very clear that Seasilver was indeed everything I believed it to be. In an effort to make sure that anyone interested has access to both sides of the story, I wrote two articles that have appeared on distributor support sites and were sent out to the field leaders of the Seasilver marketing organization. The information printed in newspapers and reported on television is not always completely accurate, as most of you are already aware. There was some media coverage of the FTC action and it was outrageous in its tone. "FTC Seizes Bogus Supplement!" Some headlines actually said that! The Seasilver coverage was mixed in with coverage of small-time internet scams that

claimed colloidal silver cured Anthrax. Even though Seasilver contains no colloidal silver, the media didn't make a distinction. Many people I have talked

to that didn't know anything about Seasilver until they read about the FTC action were surprised to find out how well-established the company is: ▪ Nine year old company with a single product ▪ Over 600,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, administrative and customer support facilities all owned outright ▪ 10 distribution centers around the country ▪ Chosen as corporate sponsor for the Celebrity Golf Tour with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and others ▪ Celebrating its 10th year by giving $10 million to its top distributors As you consider the reasons behind this action, keep in mind the timing. Seasilver was in the middle of record-breaking momentum. The distributor base was happy and excited. The consumers love the product. Sales for the month of May 2003 were approx. $20 million. The growth was expected to reach ONE BILLION

DOLLARS ANNUALLY within the next 12-18 months. That steps on the toes of many other interests. And consider this; FTC is supposed to "work to ensure that the

nation’s markets are vigorous, efficient and free of restrictions that harm consumers" and "enforce federal consumer protection laws that prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices". We have seen FTC take actions against

MLM companies that don't pay their distributors. That's a good thing. And yet in

the Seasilver case, FTC froze the assets that were to cover the large number of

bonus checks paid to its distributors for work done before the shutdown. WHY? FTC froze the assets needed to pay employees for work done before the shutdown.

WHY??? Many of you clearly understand that sometimes regulatory agencies can be swayed

by powerful special interests. For those of you who can't believe that it is possible, you're now getting the chance to experience it first-hand. My experience tells me that the primary motivation for the FTC action was to slow the momentum of the company to protect "other financial interests". The inflammatory, over-the-top FTC press release created national media reporting that suffered from inaccuracies and attempted to smear the Seasilver product before the company had its day in court. The company had already rewritten its product booklet and it was due to ship July 1st. The field leaders had already rewritten the radio infomercials. Why this harsh action? Well, look at how it might affect the momentum of the company. The freezing of the assets, in the manner in which it was done, could have the effect of reducing the morale of the

employees and distributors. By creating negative public opinion and disgruntled

employees and distributors, the momentum is affected even if the company comes out of its court case with a clear agreement on marketing claims. What they didn't count on was the overwhelming popularity of Seasilver and the loyalty of

the employees and distributors. People know a good thing when they see it. That's why it's important we get this side of the story out to the people. Where Are We Now? A Stipulated Preliminary Injunction was signed by all parties on July 15th. Seasilver re-opened its operations under certain restrictions on July 21st. The

company is still under the control of the court-appointed Receiver. There is a Purchaser Notice that must be acknowledged by all customers and distributors before they can purchase product. This is the text of that Notice, as stipulated

by the Injunction - Purchaser Notice Previously, Seasilver has claimed that its product can cure cancer, diabetes, and a host of other serious diseases and conditions, and that

it results in significant and permanent weight loss without dieting. No clinical

studies support these claims. In fact, medical experts state that these claims are highly implausible and likely false. If you are under a physician's care, it

is very important that you do not discontinue or reduce any prescription medication without consulting your physician. In addition, at one time Seasilver

claimed that its product provided the health benefits of natural cranberries, although it contained no natural cranberry. Rather Seasilver contained artificial cranberry flavoring. This Notice will be in place for until a permanent agreement is reached or the issue is settled in court. After that, things will return to normal for Seasilver after this extraordinary regulatory action. Again the timing is significant; dietary supplements and the freedom to purchase supplements is again under attack. There is currently a Bill before the Senate (S722) that threatens to undermine the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 which protected access to appropriate supplements. There is increasing media coverage of studies that proclaim that anti-oxidants and vitamin C may be harmful. Of course, there are hundreds of studies that prove otherwise. But there is clearly a concerted effort to effect public opinion and create fear about nutritional supplements. If it were not so serious it would be funny. Properly prescribed, properly administered pharmaceutical drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in the US according to the American Medical Association!!! I don't know of anyone who died

taking vitamins! But all of this is not about common sense, it's about dollars and cents. If you want to learn more about the power of the pharmaceutical industry and what you can do to help protect your rights to health freedom, here

are some links that will give you the facts-

The Future of Seasilver

As I write this, Seasilver has been just reopened. There were $15 million in orders waiting to be processed. Over the next few weeks, final decisions will be

made on substantiated marketing claims. At that point, Seasilver will be the only verifiably FTC-FDA compliant company in the industry reflecting the latest

regulations. Squeaky clean and ready to resume its strong momentum. How's that for a success story? The important thing to remember is that this was an issue of the language in the

marketing materials. The safety of the product is obvious, hundreds of millions

of dollars worth of the product has been sold in the last nine years with no reports of adverse effects. Seasilver is very good for you! Anyone with a basic

knowledge of natural health and nutritional supplementation understands the value of a liquid dietary supplement that contains aloe vera, ripe sea vegetables, Pau D'Arco and cranberry concentrate. Once you understand the vision behind Seasilver, you can begin to grasp its future. For me, the idea that someone has finally found a way to get whole-food

nutritional supplements into millions of people is wonderful. And the opportunity to share in the growth by being a Seasilver distributor created twenty millionaires in 2002!

We have the chance to share in that Vision. We stand together in this. To the extent that we, individually and as a group, communicate the message to others, we ultimately determine its success. That is a responsibility and a gift. Those of you who have been around for a while have experienced the result of Seasilver's Vision. People are feeling good, experiencing a better quality of life. Good health; wellness, is a precious thing. It is often under-appreciated

until its gone. It is a wondrous thing to look into the eyes of someone who feels it again because of something you did for them. All you had to do was say

"try a bottle". Those people who have personally felt a return to wellness as a result of using

Seasilver certainly understand the power of the Vision. Those people who have benefited from the powerful commission structure understand the power of the Vision. When money worries are relieved, and stress

is reduced, that feels pretty good too. Dare I say you might even live longer with less stress Look around you. Are there more people who can benefit from the Vision? Is there

anyone who doesn't need what we have the ability to offer? Do you believe in the importance of Seasilver's Vision? The Vision was nearly taken away from us with this FTC action. Sure there are other products, other opportunities, but can they affect the masses the way Seasilver has? Have you ever seen anything else that has proven itself in this way? Seasilver grew 2000% (!) in the last two years and a half years! That is amazing, and the growth was still accelerating sharply. There can be only one reason for that kind of growth - people want Seasilver. They love it. The reorder rate is around 80%. The distributor retention rate is around 80%. Those

are phenomenal numbers! Seasilver is a rare phenomenon, and of course other companies with other products are very threatened by this. We will have more enemies, more challenges. But if we stick together, if we don't lose sight of the Vision, we can get past any challenge. All you have to do is believe. Believe in the Seasilver Vision. We live in a world of hard disappointments. I know that you, like me, have been disappointed before. But I ask you to believe

in the Seasilver Vision, as a part of a united field of Seasilver distributors. Believe that you can tell more and more people about Seasilver. Believe that this regulatory challenge will be behind us and forgotten as we move into the fall season. Believe that more people like you and me want to find out about this foundational health product that is easy-to-use, tastes good, can be used by anyone to supplement their diet with important vital nutrients in a form the allows easy absorption and utilization. Believe that more and more people want a product that does what Seasilver does. Believe that there are more people who want to create a more secure financial future without developing specialized skills. What could be easier than asking people to "try a bottle?" That simple act, done regularly, has already changed the financial outlook of many, many people. Believe you are a part of something important.

Seasilver Updates by Phil Zulli in chronological order - total of two updates June 18, 2003 Update Seasilver FTC Action - The Other Side Of The Story My name

is Phil Zulli and I want to offer some comments on the significant events that are happening with Seasilver this week. Once you understand the history of these

kinds of actions, and the way Seasilver has responded to the challenge you'll be excited about our future.

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