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Thanks you for alerting consumers and potential marketers on Better Universe. I was also a representative for the company for a short time. I found my association with the Better Universe MLM to be very disheartening. I found the company's way of marketing itself to be very manipulative.

It churned my stomach to think that the people who started this company were using the plight of the poor and homeless as a marketing scheme to build individual wealth. I found this to be very disturbing and it became extremely obvious based on converstation with other reps that this was indeed about attaining personal wealth and saying whatever it takes and doing whatever you have to to attain it.

The company and high end representatives repeatedly used deception to bait potential marketers into the opportunity. Much of the deception by the company itself has surrounded a gentleman by the name of Beryl Wolk who was supposedly this marketing genious who was supposed to push Better Universe to the top.

The company used such tactics as telling people that they'd be working directly with this billionaire and that by the end of 2005 they'd have over 1 million representatives thanks to him. We were told he personally bring in millions of new reps and he'd give all those reps all existing reps in the company.

This was all hype and lies that have been exposed across the internet in recent months. Better Universe is basically an opportunity focused on the opportunity itself and not a product. I spoke to a few experienced marketers via Email after contacting them through their personal websites and I asked them sincerely to look into Better Universe and tell me what they thought.

The conclusions were resounding feelings on their first impressions that Better Universe was a pyramid scam using a very well conceived marketing scheme to make people overlook this fact. As mentioned Better Universe is an MLM that is totally focused on the opportunity itself without very little if any focus at all on a product.

Costs to join the Better Universe MLM cost from just over $500.00 to nearly $2400.00 a year. This is suppossedly for a membership into a buyers club that the company markets as similiar to a Sam's wholesale or Costco. Total hype and the company uses this line in it's promotion. The only products that are available to the members are DVDs, CDs, video games, and vacations, which are all available through other websites much less expensive. Better Universe was offering magazines at one time, but I know for a fact that over the past 6 months hundreds if not thousands of members who ordered magazines through the website do not receive magazine orders.

Better Universe also used extreme hype into the recent creation of it's new opportunity website, but since it's inception has not made one upgrade to it's extremely unmanageable "product" website though it has told members it would be for most of the past year. This is just touching on the issues and problems that people have experienced with the Better Unvierse MLM. The lies used by representatives were endless. When I approached other representatives on the tactics being used to bring in new representatives those reps denied that deception was being used at all.

This denial made it obvious to me that these representatives were indeed so caught up in the companies manipulation and promise of wealth that they would do and say just about anything in any effort to bring in new representatives without a feeling of shame or conscience that the tactics being used were wrong and highly unethical. After my experience with Better Universe I only wish that they're were laws preventing MLMs like this from operating. Many people lost a lot of money from the time they joined believing the lies until the time they realized Better Universe was an MLM completely based on deception.

Thanks for making people aware of the Better Universe MLM. If it saves a few people from making the mistake so many others have made.


Howard Metse


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