Bill Killer

Bill Killer by Chris Jackson makes some BIG BOLD Claims, NOW you are about to find out the real deal.

Bill Killer uses some professional voice over guy and tries to make you think that there really is someone named Chris Jackson. Truthfully, I don’t know whether there is or not, but this I do know: I’ve never heard of him and I have been doing this for a long time.

There are SO many programs like Bill Killer or Your Bill Killer that it is RIDICULOUS!

They ALL tell some kind of a story about how they went from “rags to riches” and that they have found some kind of a secret way to make a ton of money online and now they are going to show you!

They all, including Bill Killer charge some kind of a nominal fee to join, but don’t be under the impression that this is what they are really after.

Upon joining, you will be bombarded to buy other offers, many times before you can even get to the one you purchased, or you must buy them to be able to get to the one you purchased.

Basically what Bill Killer comes down to is a snazzy sales page and an “honest” sounding pitch to pull you in and then it is just rehashed and sometimes, no information at all.

You definitely don’t need to get caught in this web. You can however make money online, but be for real. You don’t really think that you are just magically going to start making Tens of Thousands of Dollars online without knowing what you are doing, do you?

Well, Your Bill Killer wants you to believe that, don’t! It is really not that difficult to succeed online if you treat it like a business. If you do that it will pay you like a real business.

Of course, it is up to you to believe me or not, but I have seen Hundreds of programs like Bill Killer come and go and I have yet to hear of anyone that made any money following there directions…Unless you just do a lot of pay per click and resell Your Bill Killer and I certainly don’t recommend that!

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