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A freind told me that there was an opportunity available with this company and he wanted me to attend an evening event with him, it was in the evening, so I agreed.

What struck me about the office where the meeting was held was that there was many offices in the building, but very few were filled with desks and chairs and only the smaller offices looked like they were used at all.

Someone announced that the meeting was about to begin and it struck me as odd that all of those who were currently with World Financial Group went into one room and all of those that were there for the first time(like me) went into another room, but before they seperated us I was able to mingle with those involved with the company.

In talking with current participants it seemed very strange to me that these people did not talk about their revenues, commissions, or deals they had in the works. All they talked about was what they were going to do and how they WOULD make money, but not about how they actually were!

That meeting was very high on fluff and low on solid information content and the more I spoke with people from the World Financial Group, the more it seemed like Multi-Level Marketing for example: the supervisors were very excited about another meeting where supposedly "very successful people" were going to talk about their successes and they were encouraging everyone to bring their friends and family to the meeting that also wanted their "dreams to come true!"

That is all well and good, but the financial services industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the U.S. and the products are very complicated, if not explained correctly investors can be on the hook for a lot of money, so this is serious business.

It seemed as if no one wanted to talk about sales quotas, sales procedures, or about products. The product they seemed to sell was the success of the top few, with no details of how they got to the top!

Any brokerage house or Financial Advisor seems like a better place to start. You'll find that those who are actually "in" the World Financial Group have the Zeal of a missionary who has "the truth" and that was a bit much for a Financial Services Company(at least in my opinion)!


Here is another unsolicited testimonial:


Don't Do It, Don't Do It, Don't Do It. They promise the world and deliver nothing but hot air. They say "live without debt," but get you into debt and then you "sell" your way out of debt!

You will pay through the nose and everything else before you even get one client and more than likely, they will be recruited for you or you will be forced to recruit them. World Financial Group is nothing more than Amway on steroids and the only people they sell to are those that are recruited into the "system."

You will hear, "Work the system and the system will work for you." These are piople that have no real training in financial services other than the required coursework to meet regulatory status Most of them will not be around in a few months.



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