World Ventures is one of the MANY Travel Agency opportunities available that utilize either Affiliate Marketing or an MLM format, 5 or 6 come to mind right off the top of my head.

The point of that statement is obvious, Competition! You also have real travel agencies to contend with, granted there are a lot of people doing a lot of traveling, so it is possible to make some money in this industry.

My sources that have become involved with this type of business found it more difficult than they first imagined, but some have made money. Most people that I talk to about this business typically have some common statements about it:

• With all the options available on the internet, repeat business is nonexistent.

• The competition for the Travel and Entertainment dollar is fierce and the economy is bad.

• If you don’t know what you are doing, Advertising cost will ruin you.

• World events are definitely putting a dent in travel and that will increase.

Of course, people will continue to travel until they cannot anymore, but it is going to continue to be more expensive as the cost of fuel spirals upward. This will cause people to bargain hunt Big Time! Unless a Travel Opportunity like World Ventures is very aggressive with their pricing it will be difficult to stay in the game at ALL as the other travel agents scramble to make it.

If you actually travel frequently and can use the benefits for yourself this may be for you. In terms of making a business out of it, Good Luck! There is SO much competition and people will be traveling less and less. World Ventures is NOT a scam. It is a well established company you just need to consider all of the random variables.

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