World Internet Summit

World Internet Summit professes to be "The World's Largest Internet Business Event." It boasts a cast of "internet experts" that will show even the Absolute Beginner how to make a lot of money online. Now you will gain some REAL insight as to what this is all about!

The advertisement for this event, which is held in MANY cities around the world, makes some bold claims. It is a Classic Sales Letter using Testimonials and statements like "You can be a successful Internet entrepreneur who lives the "Internet Dream", generating $$$ at the flip of a switch, even while you sleep."

This is a statement that is sure to draw in the "Absolute Beginner" who may be under the impression that Spending A Lot of Money means you'll make a lot of money, more on that later.

The line up includes: Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Sean Roach, Ewen Chia, and others. A few of these are known internet marketers and the rest, I suppose, you just take their word for it.

For this Seminar, unlike most that are free, they are charging $197. All of the Seminars of this type that I have been to are what amounts to be one sales pitch after another. All of the "gurus" will be giving you a "special offer" on their programs, this appears to be similar.

For example, One of the "gurus," Sean Roach sells, at the summit, his product called Rip2It. This program claims to include Numerous pre-built websites that are custom made foryou and re-seller rights to various products. The number of websites that are included is just that, a number of websites!

Any experienced marketer will tell you that this is a ploy, more is not better, remember, you have to MARKET these websites. That is an impossible task with the number that he claims to give you.

There have also been reports that the product that was received was not the product that was promised and that the "training" never materialized. Rip Two It Inc. does not deny these allegations, they do however, confirm the fact that they only give 3 days for you to decide if you want to keep it. So you will have 72 hours to decide if you want to go ahead and pay the $9888 and then $197 after 6 Months.

I certainly do not recommend that you spend ANYWHERE NEAR this much money to start an Internet Business, it's totally unnecessary. The idea is to Make Money not to start out in a Deep Hole. I have tried and tested Hundreds of Opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here

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