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Auction Listing Agent Certifications programs , like that offered by WorkatHomeRecruiters and ProcessAuctions try hard to make you believe they are real, but are they?

WorkAtHomeRecruiters and ProcessAuctions want $97 to get you “certified” because all the these companies “supposedly” wanting you to place ads for them to sell their products on Ebay.

This is a new twist on the “Data Entry” and “Rebate Processing” programs that claim companies what you to write ads for them. These program are brought to you by people like, the probably ficticious scammer Angela Penbrook, who also promotes the Process Rebates Scam.

The sales letter is just like any other. This person was supposedly broke 2weeks before Christmas, found this program, started doing it, and now they’re a “Millionaire.”

If I had a nickel for every time I have heard that same worn out tale.

This and “claim” that these companies, whose logos can be snatched by anyone on the internet, are all part of the “network” that is looking for people to do this.

When you pay your $97, chances are you will receive nothing. If you do, it will be about joining Doba (a dropshipping company), for $39 a month, and trying to sell stuff on Ebay yourself.

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