Winning In The Cash Flow Business ™

Winning In The Cash Flow Business ™ by Russ Dalbey is about to be revealed. I know the real story because I've been through it, but if I didn't know, I would read all of this page VERY carefully!

I have COUNTLESS Russ Dalbey Customer Emails to back this all up!

Russ Dalbey does give you some decent information and A LOT of it! After seeing all of this it did not seem near as easy as the info-mercial made it sound. The information wasn't very organized and there is a lot of it, but it didn't seem to tell the whole story.

I thought it might be doable, but I was wishing that I could have some help with it and Presto!'...I got a call from someone at the Winning Cash Flow Office. At first I was very relieved and I thought, cool, they really are going to help me.

As I continued to talk to this gentleman, he seemed sincere and was telling me all the ways he was going to help me. He promised to help me through my first five note deals and at this point I was really pumped up about it. Russ Dalbey even wanted to make me one of the people that gives a testimonial on their commercials!

He was more than happy to answer any questions I had about Winning in the Cash Flow Business and the main one was "How many Note Deals have you done?" Naturally I expected him to say that he had tons of experience, but the answer he gave me was surprising, to say the least.

He told me that he had NEVER even done a Note Deal before and HE was supposed to be my "coach!"

That seemed odd to me, but I said to myself, "self, maybe this guy is really trained by Russ Dalbey and he can get me going in the right direction." He did seem knowledgeable on the subject.

After all, what I do is test and try opportunities to see if they really work, so I thought ok, he was nice enough to call me and offer his help. But...

Then he proceeded to tell me that this help would cost a little extra, which I was somewhat expecting. What I wasn't expecting was that he would ask for $2900! There are much easier and way less expensive ways to make money from home and there was no way I was falling for this.

The crazy thing is that a few days later, some other salesman from Winning in the Cash Flow Business called me and asked for $8,000 and promised me again that I would be on the commercial!

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