Westwood College

Westwood College is a technical school that offers supposedly "accredited" courses that will transfer should you choose to attend another institution.

Westwood is a huge institution with locations all over the United States and if you look it up in the search engines, you will find serious competition between the different branches.

They offer basically, the same curriculum and make the same promises about getting ahead in the REAL world and how employers are looking for people in specific technical fields that Westwood Offers.

There are many similar programs that also have many different locations. Let's face it, education is BIG business. I am not saying that is the main reason for the existance of so many "instiutions of higher learning", but the money that can be made is certainly a MAIN motivating factor!

All colleges and universities are in the recruitment business and they are all very concerned with the DOLLARS, even though most have a non-profit standing.

Unfortunately, the profit motive often gets in the way of what the main objective should be and this sometimes prompts schools to make claims that they, KNOWINGLY or unknowingly make!

It is a VERY good idea to check the facts against claims that schools make, ESPECIALLY in terms of the trasfer of CREDITS to another institution!

There has been much controversy surrounding Westwood College pertaining to them KNOWINGLY or unknowingly making claims that turned out to be ENTIRELY false. This has been reported nationwide by many news outlets. It seems that MANY of the students were told that there efforts would be transferrable and subsequently discovered that they are NOT!

This of course, is no small thing! You are talking about peoples life, finances, and future being ruined. Reports I have seen interveiwed students whose life has been devistated because of unkept promises!!!

When going into this, my advice is to take NOONE'S word for it but make TOTALLY sure for yourself.

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