Wes State Mortgage

Wes State Mortgage is a company that offers ANOTHER of the many Note-Brokering programs!

There are many programs designed to teach individuals about profiting in the cash flow market. There is: Winning In The Cash Flow Business, ACFC, ACFI, and a host of smaller companies doing the same thing.

It is true that the cash flow industry does billions of dollars worth of business a year and it is huge, but there is also a HUGE amount of competition from banks, pension funds, investment houses, and countless individuals!

All of these programs, including Wes State build up the size of the market and make you believe that, "if you only had our information" you would be rich. Well, the truth is that you will need not only their information, but also a lot of time, patience, motivation, and money!

I receive SO many emails and calls from people who have gone through one of these programs, spent a lot of money, and still found this to be a very difficult way to make any money.

Wes-State Mortgage is relatively inexpensive compared to the others and they claim to have a database of buyers and sellers, but I would be skeptical about the quality of their leads.

If you are different than most who try this, you may make some money, but be prepared to give it A LOT more time than you originally planned on.

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