Wendy Patton

Wendy Patton graduated from University of Colorado and started working for a company named DES. She is a Licensed real Estate broker and builder. She owns a real estate company Southeast Michigan called Majestic Realty, LLC. She was also president of D.OL.L.A.R.S. She has interest in property development, management, rehabilitations, and real estate foreclosures. She is more interested in lease/options, than anything real estate. She is excited about this and is intent on teaching this to all others through her lectures and seminars.

She is the best-known speaker on real estate investing with "Little or No Money Down". She conducts seminars on finely tuned Lease/Option package for beginners as well as the Advanced Investor She has also written book named Charting Course for Success. She has videos (Control Without Ownership), audios (Getting a Mortgage Broker on Your Team, Live Calls with Wendy, Secrets of Lease Options, Setting Up Your Money Making Pipeline) on this subject.

She runs the following the courses for students

• Buying Properties for Little or No Money Down • • Control Without Ownership Seminar • • The System – Unlocking the Secrets of Lease Options • • Get Realtors Begging You to Buy Their Listings • • Wendy's Complete Pipeline to FX3 • • Selling on Lease Options

These courses are good various persons wishing to try their hand at real estate. Please consider reading through just one testimonial of person who attended the course. reviewer: Gary from Philadelphia ”I have spent much money on real estate courses but this course is by far the best. wendy gives you everything you need to run a successful business. she holds nothing back. 99% of the courses i have are fluff and motivation but this course shows you how to run a business. great job!”

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