Web Club International

Web Club International is a company that is supposed to be your answer for starting and running a successful internet business, but is it really?

There are SO many companies claiming to do the very same thing. StoresOnline, EcashStreet, I speedway, amd Free Store Club just to name a few. Unfortunately, I have not heard from anyone that is doing well with this type of "turn-key" program.

Web Club International states that they will build you a professional website and provide you with a "premium" domain name. In other words, a unique domain name, big deal, you can go to GoDaddy.com and get a "premium" domain name for 8 bucks!

As far as building a website for you, chances are they will charge an exhorbitant fee for that when in actuallity, you can put up a website for $5 per month.

Most of the programs that I have run into that offer similar services are aimed at new, inexperienced people, coming on the internet for the first time. They typically are overwhelmed with the idea of trying to do this on their own and turn to companies like Web Club International.

They also state that they have "advertising specialists" that will help you with all of this. In most cases this means more fees and many companies of this type will try to charge you thousands. They promise to get you to the top of the search engines, which is something that no one should promise.

It always makes me wonder why "advertising specialists" are working for a company when, IF they are specialists, why don't they do it for themselves and make all the money they promise you?

Forgive me if I seem skeptical, but I have lost thousands with companies who promise a holistic approach to internet marketing.They make big promises and in my experience, NEVER delivered.

Maybe Web Club International is different, but one thing I know for sure is that No One can really do this for you. And it is not necessary to pay a lot of money to succeed with internet marketing.

All you need is a simple, easy to understand blueprint to follow that shows you exactly what to do for the smallest investment possible. It really is not that difficult IF you know how.

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