Web Wealth Strategies

Web Wealth Strategies out of Pheonix, AZ makes Huge claims about how they are going to "help" you start and operate a successful online business. Now you are about to find out the Real Story!

To make it short and sweet, Web Wealth Strategies wants you to purchase different websites that they are supposed to help you set up and manage. This concept has been used over and over again by MANY companies just like Web Wealth Strategies. I have never received an email or phone call telling me that they actually work. However, I have received Hundreds telling me they don't.

Web Wealth Strategies will try to dazzle you with the demonstration, trying to entice you into purchasing the websites, and tell you how they are going to help you do this.

The reality is that the support is non-existant, if you can even get in touch with them at all! If you decide to do this and you don't get any traffic to the site(which you won't), you will then receive a call from a hired Call Center and someone that you can barely understand.

Wait a minute, you were told that people would be flocking to your website! But now they will be trying to SELL you untargeted and useless traffic which you can find anywhere and Web Wealth Strategies wants you to spend $6000!

That is absolutely ridiculous!!! Starting and operating an Internet Business is actually one of the LEAST expensive Home Businesses there is IF you know what you are doing. Web Wealth Strategies will not show you that.

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