Wealth Toolbox

Your about to find out the joke that is Wealth Toolbox!

When you join they put 50.00 in your account.Then they take your money and invest it in the Forex market in hopes of increasing it.

Supposedly everytime they profit they add the amount to your account. You can also sponsor others into the program and make extra money

If you do not sponsor anyone, all they require is for you to log into your account at a minumum of at least every 5 days to check your stats.

At the end of 2007 I had over a 1000.00 in my account. Payout was suppose to be december 29th 2008. Then they changed servers and ask you to pick another username and password. After trying over and over with about 50 combinations, I finally got a message saying that name had already been used. I feel like it was purposely done that way so I would just give up.

After about a week of trying, they erased(stole)EVERYONE'S money and started you off again at $5.00. Never bothering to explain where the money went and never answering emails. Thank goodness it was only an initial $50, but you can put in however much you want, DON'T!

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Share your experience with Wealth Tollbox or anything else?