WBE.net / World Business Exchange

WBE.net stands for the “World Business Exchange” the founder is a Californian man named Roosevelt Roby.

Mr. Roby is the CEO of a Foundation which is a nonprofit organization, established to teach entrepreneurial skills less the privileged.

Mr. Roby's parents were illiterate sharecroppers earning a paltry amount of money a year. After he became successful, this filled him with a desire to give back and he is committed to helping the less privileged.

The program offered by WBE is extensive, meant for those interested in international trading. This costs around $499. By online workshop, you can learn much about becoming an Importer/Exporter.

The training is done at your own pace and enhanced learning is available for additional cost.

WBE.NET has created the “Global Internet Trade Course” for Students to learn more on the export/ import business. Originally implemneted at Locke High School in Los Angeles,the course is now offered in many schools.

WBE.Net has contacts which provide them with trade leads worldwide and participants can access these leads if needed, but there are significant costs involved.

International trading has good potential and is theoretically unlimited, but you must be well acquainted with the laws and rules where you trade. This program can show you a lot on the subject, but it is a long term thing. This business is very competitive, that being said, it can also be very lucrative, but you really need to know your stuff!

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