Wade Cook

Wade Cook is a veteran direct marketer who first came to prominence in the 80's promoting his get rich Real Estate program. He did well with that for a while, and then his company went BANKRUPT!

After his bankruptcy, Wade disappeared for a while. I don't know if that was by design, or if it took him that long to come up with a new scheme. Whatever the reason, He's Back! This time he is not a real estate expert, he is now a stock market and internet marketing genius!

This guy really gets around, I guess that comes from his days as a cab driver! He is now doing seminars(usually 2 days) in which he is going to share with you his "amazing secrets" for beating the Stock Market or making a fortune on the internet, but this presents a problem!

In researching Wade Cook, I found nothing that documents his Stock Market or internet success. Now you would think, if he is qualified to teach a seminar, there must be something somewhere published about his phenominal success in the stock market or in internet marketing, but I could not find anything that could substantiate his claims!

What makes him an expert? Not one thing, that has ever been published by someone other than himself! He can offer no proof that he has ever accomplished anything in the Stock Market or prove that his internet marketing information works, he gambles with other peoples money and lies about his results on the internet. He just expects you to take his word for it and pay the $3 to $4000 dollars to take his trading course!

The Wade Cook seminars are structured where he gives you his 11 "secret" Stock Market Strategies on the first day, and he will then spend the next day trying to convice(hammer) you to join his Cook University, for $10,000 and I know of people who have been taken for almost $20,000!

I have seen quotes from some of his ex-employees saying they got so tired of hearing him lie to people, cheating his sales people, and stiffing his seminar speakers, and they finally had to quit to ease their conscience. That is what they said, not me! Others called him greedy and said "he doesn't pay his people right, and just basically tries to cheat everybody!"

It's a fact, that he tried to cheat the Government, but they caught him. It is my understanding that he is presently being investigated by the Securities and Exchange commission, for dealing securities without a license! There have been numerous allegations and investigations into his business practices.

Oh! An update, Wade Cook has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy for at least the second time and the assets of his company proprotedly, have been sold.

In my opinion Wade Cook's Stock Market program and his Internet Marketing course is a joke and I do not recommend them.

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