Vincent James

Vincent James or Vince James is an internet marketer who has been at this for some time. Now you will find out what the Incredible REAL story is.

Vince James Passafiume aka. Vincent James made an absolute fortune selling various info-products on the internet. Unfortunately, for him, his run came to an abrupt end.

Vince James along with some others (who are not relevant to this review) were convicted on a long list of felony charges resulting directly from the way he did business on the internet. They were some scary charges indeed, showing real criminal intent, to say the least (among others: fraudulently charging people's credit cards).

After being caught he forfeited the $48 million in luxury homes, a fleet of cars and bank accounts to pay off victims numbering around 450,000!

After Vince James was ALLOWED to do business again, I saw an advertisement for his "new" product, I think it was " 12 Month Millionaire " and he actually used his felony conviction as part of the HEADLINE!

It is an attention grabber for sure, but I am not exactly sure WHY he thought that would help his "case" (sorry, couldn't resist). Apparently he feels that is a positive thing.

Anyway, Vincent James makes some bold claims about what his info can do FOR you and apparently A LOT of people were convinced.

I certainly applaud Vincent James if he has turned his life around midstream, that is very difficult to do, but advertising a felony conviction as a "good thing" does not give me much confidence that a "turnaround" took place.

To be fair, his troubles with the law were quite some time ago, but in essence, bragging about his conviction, not so long ago.

I will say that he was relatively young at that point (I think around 28)and he may be a totally different person and have truly seen the error of his ways and then again, maybe not. Who knows?

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