is a system developed by some reps in a Network Marketing company that offers more nutritional products. Like there are not enough of those. Now you will see if YOU can make money. Read this Whole Page or you'll only have yourself to blame!

Vemma Builder uses the "secret" approach, which is to say that they don't tell you who the company REALLY is until after you watch a cheesy video, go to a website, then get on a conference call where they all tell you how much money they make.

Even then they still don't tell you the company. VemmaBuilder is actually just a front for a BIG Vitamin MLM. You are expected to join Vemma, which has an upfront fee and monthly fees AND you will also have to join the Vitamin MLM as well, for another fee.

This means that you will be paying Vemma and buying vitamins every month that you could get cheaper at the store.

Who needs it? Paying all this money and trying to drag people to conference calls, to be convinced to fork over Big Dollars and buy Vitamins.

I know to succeed in networking you have to be open and honest and have great upline support with a REAL product, that people can't get somewhere else cheaper!

I receive phone calls A LOT from people trying to get their money back from Vemma Builder.

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