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VectorVest ™ is a software package developer for US and Canadian stock markets. They advertise their products as a means of gaining financial freedom through the stock market.

It is true that technical analysis of stocks is essential for predictions of stocks prices in future. The stock market is fragile and dependent on many things.

It is for this reason that the technical analysis along with fundamental analysis of companies becomes necessary for the accurate prediction of stock markets.

VectorVest ™ offers the following software packages:

• OnLine – This is stock analysis for the US market

• ProTrader – This provides the extended technical analysis of the trades in US and particularly NYSE.

• Options Analyzer – If you are interested in put and call options at NYSE, this will help you to a great extent.

• Simulator – As the name suggest, this is a simulation tool for prediction of stock or put/call options at NYSE.

• AutoTester – Testing the technical analysis theory in short time and make sure that long time predictions are also true.

• Intraday Timing System – Intraday trading tracking and NYSE stocks is done with this software.

VectorVest ™ software is backed up by the training. Training CDs as part of training system supplied separately.

VectorVest ™ Training CDs contain:

• ProGraphics v6.0 4-CD – video instructions are given in this 4 CD set having 8 hours in Video instructions

ProTrader v6.0 2-CD set - This set increases the capability of the person using it to a very high level.

• Options Course 4-CD set This is specifically for future options trade.

If you are going to invest in the market, it is wise to analyze as much as possible, but remember, there is no way to reduce the risk by any verifiable amount. Some have complained that this information does not cover the most important aspect of trading, RISK MANAGEMEMT.

Users have stated that these VectorVest ™ products are geared to the beginner and that it is a stretch to advertise that you can quit your job or retire using this information. Of course, having more money to invest is the key to success and we are sure that the internet can be a source of that money.

It is crucial to set up an online business following the path of other successful internet marketers. To set it up right does not have to cost an arm and a leg, as many claim. If you adhere to tested and proven techniques, the internet can pay you handsomely for a long time with little or no risk.

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